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The Power of the Attitude Change


After so long of seeing no results or receiving luck, I’ve been experimenting on myself by trying to change my attitude, to improve my idea of self-worth, and that I have the power to change what I feel in various situations. Attitude is everything.

“If you can’t get out of it, get into it”- This quote I found on the Internet. I’m not sure who originally said it, but it struck a chord in me, that it implied I had this super power to change my attitude towards doing something I didn’t really want to do.

In some things, I found this was easy. For instance, I don’t like dishes. Its not something I hate, but I’d rather not do them.  So, while washing dishes, I tend to let my mind wander during the redundant action of cleaning dishes. I will sometimes blast my favorite music. I’ve been known to dance while doing dishes. Other times, my mind wanders to stories, rattling in my head, that want to be written, or perhaps a craft project I want to do someday. It makes the work easier, the time passes quicker, and sometimes I feel I’m putting Order back into my life.

Doing any chore and complaining, or wallowing in the thought of how much you detest it, serves to make the time more miserable. You’re focusing, feeding that bad energy.  If it must be done, why not find some way of getting it done, or better still, enjoying yourself while doing it?

This might be difficult in some jobs, but others can end up being fun. Folding laundry with my son when he was little involved sock puppets, and fun experiments with static electricity. Even shoveling snow provoked games where we pretended to be snow plows. Mopping the floor, and I’m envisioning cleaning not just the dirt (and slaughtering dust bunnies) but cleaning the negativity in my house, removing the bad energies. Its very cathartic.

Studies on the topic of happiness also show that changing one’s attitude, even synthesized happiness, serves the same health benefits, and offer you real happiness.

It might take practice. I’m still a work-in-progress, and catch myself complaining. I’m trying to change that, and I’ll post results in a few months. I do see a shift already starting, where things don’t seem as bad as they are, and Life seems brighter.

Book Of Shadows in Deep Red with Pentagram 3 Ring BinderBook of Shadows Assignment: Journal about what you’re grateful for, what things in your life are blessings. Some things might not be things one would initially appreciate, but I am grateful for even the tough times, for they make me stronger.

Harvests that fail


Harvests are just around the corner. But not all grains, fruits, and vegetables will be ready to harvest at the same time. and not all harvest will bear fruit…or whatever it was you planted.

Our goals are much the same; bearing nothing but disappointment for our efforts despite the best efforts put out to the Universe. Sometimes these things happen.

The first step is to take stock of one’s actions. Did you do enough, make mistakes, or even pay enough attention to your goals. An example would be to lose weight- did you exercise, keep track of your diet, and do what needed to be done to see results? If not, was there something you could do to adjust your efforts, try harder, for instance, that can help?

The second step is to take stock of the environmental factors. A goal of employment might not bear fruit if the job market is suffering. Perhaps a goal of an herb garden didn’t have the best soil to grow, or not enough sun, or too much sun? You can learn from this, try next year.

The third step is to recognize that some goals need their time to come to harvest. Some goals require more time, more focus, and even more help from others  to bear the fruit of success.

Remember- a failed harvest, or goal, does not make you a failure. You learn from it, and try again, providing the goal is important enough to you.

My own goals this year vary with success. Some goals I recognized I really didn’t want to do the work involved. Other goals required certain elements to succeed that I didn’t have. Other goals show results, but not the abundance I hoped for. I must adjust and move on.

I find myself taking pride in whatever goals I do accomplish, however small. Even goals I didn’t plan on, but spontaneously took up the last minute, earn me self-respect.

Book of Shadows Assignment: Write down the goals you’ve set for yourself this year, and what you should differently to accomplish them. Take note of effort versus yield. Give yourself kudos for successes you didn’t plan for.

Thoughts to the harvests


We’ve passed the Zenith of the year (Midsummer) and must look to the Harvest holidays that soon approach.

Pagans celebrate three harvests in our solar year;

Lammas (or Lughnasadh)- August 1- also known as ‘loaf mass’ celebrates the harvest of the grains. This also celebrates Lugh, the mythic  Sun king, with fairs and games.

Mabon (autumn equinox)- September 23 2014, celebrates the fruits, such as apples and grapes, and the abundance in our lives. This holiday is named after Mabon son of Modron, which is mentioned in the Arthurian legends.

Samhain (October 31) celebrates the end of all harvest, when crops and herds are harvested for the winter months. Preparations for winter should be completed by this time. Samhain is also recognized as the Celtic New Year, with this day belonging to neither the old year or the new, where the Veil between the worlds of mortals and the dead/Fey is thinnest.

034I walk my dog every day down by the Potomac River, and I get to see the gradual changes of the season. I see fruits forming on Blackberry bushes, tomatoes in my back yard, and young Canadian geese full feathered and growing fast for the Autumn trek to the North.


Our Concord Grape arbor is lush with fruit, not quite purple. When its ready, we make jelly and juice, and once we gave the harvest to a meadary which made a special mead for that season.

Not all pagans have literal gardens/harvests. There is also the symbolic crops we plant in the form of goals and dreams. Like gardens, those goals and wishes need tending, sometimes weeding, and occasionally, you might find some things just don’t come to fruition.

Failed harvests, whether real or symbolic, offers a lesson to learn to do better. I re-evaluate the goal, ask myself if I really wanted it in the first place, and face the facts if I gave enough effort to help it come to harvest.

Sometimes its because I didn’t put enough effort into it, while other times, its just how Life works. Either case, don’t let it drag you down- learn from it, and do better next time.

Its this attitude that helps me accomplish goals, even if takes much longer than expected.

What ‘seeds’ have you planted this year? Are you seeing results yet? Post in comments. I’d love to hear from you.

Book of Shadows Assignment: Write down what you’ve done to help the wishes and goals come to harvest. What more do you need to do? When do you hope to see the end product of your goal?