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Wednesday Witch: Witchywords

witchywordsThis is an interesting blog by a Wiccan who posts about her pagan life. One incredible resource is her post listing her library. It also lists tons of links to other Wiccan/Pagan sites.

She also added a neat post on Esbat goals. A worksheet example illustrates using the Pentacle as a focus to outline the goal. This helps with contemplating with the elements different facets of your life.

I hope you enjoy her site.


Finding what is underneath


This is a photo I took down at my father’s house, of a plant known to in the ‘shelf fungus’ family. Fungus are parasitic plants, living off a dead or dying tree, and what you see here is the ‘flowers’, or fruit bodies known as conks.

There’s a huge variety of shelf fungus, having different colors and shapes, but the point I wanted to make has to do with the fact we see only the flowers. The fungus itself goes into the tree itself.

When I used to guide hikes at a state park, a number of people remarked on the conks, not realizing the entire tree was, in fact, infected.

Sometimes things we manifest in our lives, both good or bad, reflect the same surface-only appearance. We want immediate and obvious results, when sometimes magic works more subtly than that. Results can happen slowly, and are not as obvious, at first.

This is why its important to ‘know thyself’ as a witch/wiccan/pagan. You learn to understand our bodies, our spirit, and our intentions, as well as the world around us will shift and changes. How to hone this part of your spiritual life?

- Meditation helps us to listen and learn of ourselves. Vision, dreams, and even the act of ‘emptying monkey mind’ serves to remove the emotion that often clouds judgment.

- Recognize and practice the idea that change happens, both good and bad, and its how we respond to that change that cultivates the type of person you are. Avoid labeling things a ‘bad’ or ‘good’ when all things can serve as lessons in our lives.

- Practice ‘energy work’ to hone your skills in sensing it in and around you. Sometimes you can find awareness if you feel blocked, or in need to ground-and-center.

-Be aware of the Breath. Our breathing changes through emotion, pain, and thought. Controlling the breath can, in turn, control that emotion, pain, or thought. Feel nervous or scared? Practice long, slow breaths. Feeling bored? Quicken the breath (and take a brisk walk), and feel your energies rise.

BOS Assignment- In your Book of Shadows, keep track of moments you feel stressed, fearful, anxious, angry, or depression, and use techniques of breathing and meditation. Write down if it helped.

Some Crafts-

Nature weaving craft- A neat idea to weave intention and will into a frame.

Rose apple bites- A very cool idea for Mabon, to make for a potluck or use in cakes/ale rituals.


Wednesday Witch:


Don’t let the title/domain name fool you; is perfectly fine for witches and pagans of all ages. You’ll find the site a bit ‘hip’ for the younger crowd, but you can find interesting topics such as herbalism, practices, and magick.

Much of the information shows fair and balanced answers to many questions, often by other teens, and adds history and facts. Also understand this is ‘witch’ not necessarily Wiccan.

Some links I enjoyed:

Kitchen Witch (with recipes) more links

Book of Shadows- how to make one

Witch’s Rights (religious freedom for witches)