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Some Ostara Ideas

I’m sick of winter- so very sick of the cold, snow, and ice. I want spring to come, and to come soon. So I thought it would be nice to start posting things about the Spring Equinox, which will be March 20, 2014.

There are a number of ideas for spring altars, but this one I found on Pinterst via this link.

Use one of the cardboard egg containers (I never recommend products with Styrofoam), and add some flowers, seeds, candles, and maybe some Easter candy as offerings.

What else to add?

Rabbits are sacred to Eostre (Ostara), the Saxon goddess of fertility and spring. There are some links to the Viking goddess, Freya, who also holds the rabbit/hare sacred. What better symbol of fertility than an animal that can easily over populate?

Eggs- Another fertility symbol, the egg can be colored to hide and seek, to form candles, filled with confetti (or seeds), or set out as gifts.

Flowers/Seeds- Set as a decoration, the bloom represents the sensuality of fertility, while the seeds represent all the potential of that union. You can use the seeds for a garden, or use them in spell craft as symbols of what you wish to come to fruition.

How to make rose petal beads- you can make these as talismans.

Beads from Nature – includes how to make beads from seeds to be added to necklaces or other jewelry.

Candy- For me, I prefer chocolate, but you can also include jellybeans and other traditional candies as offerings. With offerings, you place them on the altar for a period of time, and later consume them. The concept is the spirits will ‘consume’ the essence. Maybe they also like to share. Winking smile I know candy doesn’t last too long in my house.

Tons of homemade candy recipes- A Pinterest board of yumminess.

My Ostara Pinterest board. Obviously not my stuff but sites/links I enjoy.

I’ll post more Ostara crafts and traditions in the coming weeks.

Easy and cute divination method


Wiccan Moonsong is an interesting blog that includes a number of neat posts, including this one using popsicle sticks as a divination tool.

The process is simple; collect and decorate 9 popsicle sticks, place in bag, ask your question, shake, and pick one out.  The author adds more details, but I love this idea.

This is perfect for kids but also beginners to fortune telling.

Thoughts of TV/Movie Witches

pentacleI often read complaints by wiccans/witches about the television and movie type witches illustrated as the magic-wielding, black-wearing, good-vs-evil witches of the media.

Personally, I find it typical. Media requires drama. They need to make the problems (conflicts) bigger, the characters a bit over the top, and the storylines seeped in trope and cliché. Its because its storytelling, and people love a good story telling.

Witches do not throw fireballs. We don’t all have wands, let alone see magic crackle out like lightning to do serious damage to our enemies. I’m not friends with vampires or werewolves, or ghosts for that matter. I don’t summon spirits. I don’t make potions. I don’t have special witchy powers.

See? Nothing really worthy of my own series. As much as I’d love vampires and werewolves fighting over my affections, that also doesn’t happen.

But I also recognize that shows with firefighters are also dramatic- I’m married to a firefighter, and I know you can’t outrun explosions, and you can’t see a thing in a smoke filled room. Many victims rescued are just as much dead. Many fire calls end up being nothing at all. Television likes to ‘enhance the truth’.

However, I get frustrated with the stereotypes of witches in the media, but I also knows that sort of thing sells. I just wish they’d stop labeling witchcraft with Wicca, which is different. Most TV/movie Wiccans rarely mention the Goddess, and its religion, folks. Not so much the magic.

I’m afraid its here to stay, and admittedly, I enjoy some shows. I love Practical Magic, for example. I love the quirky aunts, the relationship between the two sisters, and problems that arose they had to contend with. It was fun to watch.

I also liked, The Craft, how their wishes backfired in such a way to teach them a lesson. Their mention of Manon, which is not a true deity. This was done on purpose as to not offend the Wiccan community, but it offended me at the time. Why not mention the goddess or any of the ancient god/desses? Oh and they did have a Wiccan priestess consult for the movie.

Hocus Pocus wreaked havoc with the Salem history, but was fun to watch. This is a perfect example of over-the-top storytelling.

Do you have favorite movies you like to watch on witches? Post in comments.