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Playgen- A Playful Pagan

4600_108730191188_4571045_nI invented a new word the other day; Playgen (noun) a person or persons who enjoy being silly and playful in their pagan spirituality. i.e.. Derived from ‘playful pagan’.

Okay, maybe I didn’t make it up as much I misspoke the word when I was talking to someone . I meant to say “Playful Pagan’, but it came out Playgen, and it just hit me how funny to consider oneself a Playgen, following of a tradition that focuses on playful magick and ritual. Yep, that’s me.

In the past, within the coven, I had the reputation as the goofball. A joke here, silliness there, and soon I found myself labeled ‘Loki-touched’. One member said I should ‘tone it down’ since apparently he felt I wasn’t serious enough on a Sabbat. I reminded him that it was a HOLIDAY, after all, and since I dealt with Major Depression most of my life, I’d be damned if I was going to tone down anything in regards to my joyfulness and willingness to bring laughter to others.

IMG_0894I don’t care of other’s opinion. I revel in my celebratory path of spiritualism. Too often being silly gets confused with being immature or not being ‘serious’ about religion, and that is the farthest from the truth. I simply view religious as being expressed through smiling, laughing, embracing that childlike fun.

I even have a coined term “Through laughter, you find enlightenment”. The idea being that within moments of joy and laughter, you can find mental good health, physical good health, but understanding of yourself.

So how does being a playgen differ than being a regular pagan? Mostly its attitude; it’s seeing Life as something to be enjoyed and to find fun things in even the most mundane.

For example, I will cast wish spells with bubbles/bubble wand. You visualize your need and all the magick of need, will, emotion, convalesced into your breath in which you expel through a bubble wand. The magick will be released when the bubble pops. (Even the bubble wand can be consecrated as a magickal tool)

I also believe in the power of laughter can drive bad luck and negativity from your life. It can release negativity such as anger, envy, hate, and low self worth. There’s mythologies that speak of laughter driving away bad spirits.

There’s also a form of Laughter Yoga- Check it out.

Its also a form of community. There’s something about someone laughter that will make others smile, even when they have no idea what the person is laughing about.

Here is a video that illustrates that- take note of your own feelings while watching it, if you don’t smile or laugh yourself.

I know this is true because once, when I lived with my room mate, Bob, I started laughing. I can’t even remember what I was laughing about, but it was one of those belly laughs that bubbled up into wheezing and squeaking out words. He started laughing too, to the point of wheezing and managed to gasp out “Why are you we laughing?” and I squeaked out “I have no idea” which sent us into more peals of laughter.

What are your thoughts? Want to be a playgen? Interested in future posts on the subject? Should I create my own tradition? Post in comments.

Prep for Winter

While walking the other day, I see the animals making their preparations for winter. Here are some tips to help you do the same;


On the blog,, she shares some neat tips on how to put your garden to bed.

heaterTrying to stay warm can be an issue if your power goes out, but BE CAREFUL with heaters and anything warmed with candles. This project offers an inexpensive means for heat, but DO NOT LEAVE UNATTENDED.

I have fingerless gloves to help keep my hands warm, as well as wrists. My husband made me another pair from an old sweat shirt. This makes a huge difference for me in staying warm when our house is kept at a lower temperature.

This lends to my next tip- Programmable Thermostat. We got one a few years ago, and it can lower the temperature in the evenings, when we’re toasty under blankets. It turns the heat up by the time we get out of bed. This helps tremendously to cut our electric bill without freezing us through the winter.

I love my electric blanket for sleeping, but I also have a electric blanket that’s heated as well. My son uses that at his desk, or we use it to watch TV on colder evenings. You can also find USB heated blankets, or car charger blankets for your vehicle.


And here is a helpful article from Women’s Day that shares House Prep Tips, that includes gardens.

This includes weatherization, and caring for patio furniture.

Preparing for winter in an emotional or spiritual sense involves some planning as well.

- Make a list of fun things you want to do through the winter. This might include skating, sledding, building a snow man, or watching movies, sipping cocoa, or learning new things (language, herbalism, or knitting as suggestions).

- Keep a journal. Journaling offers catharsis for those who might deal with depression or negative thinking. Promise yourself you won’t ‘feed your depression’, but practice happy thoughts, focusing on the positive, and adjusting the attitude to reflect a healthier outlook on Life.

- Use the winter for learning. It’s the best time to stay indoors and master new skills. I already started my ‘learning list’ which includes crochet, handmade cards, jewelry making, and even some projects around the house. Keeping busy will keep the doldrums at bay.

Are you ready for winter yet? Post in comments to share your ideas.

Ritual Etiquette Rant


I organize a group via the site, welcoming pagans who wish to join in workshops, social outings, and occasional rituals. It’s a handy site, including message boards but more importantly, online tools to organize events.

I can add venues, add map directions, limit members, and get automatic alerts when people change their RSVP, even at the least minute.

So Mabon I had seven members signed up. We were going to have ritual and potluck. Only three members bothered to list what they’d bring, one added an activity, while everyone else didn’t want to plan the Mabon ritual. Two backed out the day of the ritual, one messaged she couldn’t make it due to traffic, while three others didn’t bother showing up at all.

So I wanted to share a few things about attending rituals that I think people need to understand about the etiquette.

If you’ve given your RSVP as yes, show up! Just not showing up is one of the biggest peeves of mine. I will wait a bit for late arrivals, but when members don’t arrive at all, it can seriously impact the energy in the sacred space. I even give my cell phone numbers for them to call, but also have the meetup app so if they change their RSVP, I get the alert immediately.

If you say you’re coming, arrive on time. No one was late…this time. But this was worth mentioning. Being late interferes with rituals, or forces groups to wait for your arrival, or ‘open a door’ when you get there. I often wait 15 minutes for late arrivals, but rituals that require meditations or power raising are affected by such disruptions.

Do not bring uninvited/unexpected guests. This didn’t happen for Mabon, but its happened in the past before. It is very rude to bring a guest, (sometimes who isn’t even pagan) to rituals, unless its understood to be an ‘open ritual’. Even then, some pagans feel uncomfortable being open to the scrutiny of strangers. Always ask before bringing a guest.

ASK QUESTIONS. When in doubt, talk to the organizer about what is expected.  Leaders should be approachable, but as a member, you have a responsibility to yourself to speak up if you’re confused or don’t understand something. Some of us take things for granted (or make mistakes), so letting us know is appreciated.

If it’s a potluck- BRING SOMETHING. Don’t let everyone else carry the load of food and drink. It helps even to bring utensils, napkins, plates, etc. You don’t have to make something. You can buy something, or if you’re really poor, let the organizer know. I’ve been open to letting members help with setup or breakdown instead of food.

If you didn’t go, send an apology! It bothers me when people don’t show up but it shows a deep inconsideration to not apologize for the inconvenience. It lets the host know that you didn’t just forget them, and more importantly, that you’re not taking them for granted.

I was so disgruntled after Mabon, I’m not keen on having any more rituals this year.

What are your thoughts? Are you part of a group that has rules to deal with this? Have any suggestions? I’d love to hear from my readers.