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Mixed family altar

Not all pagan keep permanent altars in their homes, and sometimes its because not everyone follows the same path. You can, however, provide a mixed family altar where everyone can combine their beliefs in one place.

You will need;

Mutual respect. Even if someone is Christian, you should respect that path and if they wish to set up a cross or similar religious symbol. Sharing respect strengthens family bonds, and helps encourage one another in their spiritual path.

Candles. If you worry about fire, you can also use the flameless candles. Its for the mood, to symbolize enlightening and energy.

Offering plate (or bowl, basket or other container). Here is where family can put prayers, promises, offerings, and other items in a single space for the Divine. I would suggest including a small pad of paper with pencil so members can jot down words when the need arises.

Offerings can often take many forms such as food, drink, incense, prayers, promises, shiny things, and intentions. You could even put money, and then the family can vote on where to send and which charity.

Season and holiday symbols. For instance, a spring altar might include eggs, flowers, but also crosses, and symbols of Christ’s resurrection.  A winter solstice them can include symbols of the god, but also a nativity scene.

The family altars becomes a special place where members can individually or as a group, gather together for prayer and spiritual expression.


My new sacred space

Sacred space

My husband bought me a lovely used desk for Christmas, and built me some shelves to go with it. These are adjustable, so one shelf is now my private sacred space.

It includes:

- The green sign at the back says “Life is a journey, not a destination’. I made this as a ‘doorknob spell’ but now it hands on the altar where I can write quotes and intentions on the back. Its covered in packing tape, which makes for a small dry board.

- Two star decorations. Both are gifts from friends, and add that positive energy that friendship brings.

- Two butterfly candles. The butterfly represents the spirit, and transformation of spirit. Light/fire also symbolizes transformation and change.

- Flower pot plate- very useful to add stones and a small candle. This is also a good post to add incense, and jewelry I wish to empower.

- Crystal ball- I got this decades ago from another friend. It came with a pewter dragon that my cat at the time decided it was a great idea to knock over and crack the face and leg off. I got a new base for it, and it reminds me of using vision to see clearly in Life.

- Pentacle amulet (On the back wall) was another gift from a dear friend. I love the design and the energy she brought to my life.

- My pentacle necklace (hanging on the right with the pentacle décor). Yet another gift, with the necklace part made by my husband. More fond memories and reminders of friendship and love.

If you take note, the back ‘wall’ is all corkboard. This will let me past a number of things such as photos, pictures, prayers/chants, and reminders.

I love it. Its there, in front of me, ready to be used when I need it.

Some handy altar tips


Not everyone gets the expensive altar tools, so I figured it would be nice to share a few ideas I’ve used over the years with the focus on altars, altar tools, and ritual.

  • Use sand in containers. Using sand helps keep incense sticks and cones from toppling over in containers. This allows you to use any container, such as a bowl or cup, to keep the incense burning. You can also use with candles to prevent from falling over, plus the sand catches the melting wax. You could also add a small Zen garden if you follow some of the Zen beliefs in your practice.
  • Cleaning wax with ice. Melted wax was the bane of my existence until I discovered the use of ice or anything cold helps remove it. Put ice in a plastic bag and lay on top of melted wax, or add an item covered in wax in your freezer. Leftover wax shrinks and pops out of containers very easily. You can also option by using a hair dryer to melt the wax and wipe up with a paper towel or old newspaper.
  • Using oil. Whether its an essential oil or just vegetable oil, wiping some of your tools down will help keep wax and dirt from them. Its sort of a coating to protect them. This doesn’t mean, however, you get away with not cleaning them periodically.
  • Makes tools from salt dough. You can finds plenty of homemade recipes to make containers, figurines, pentacle tiles, candle holders, and so forth out of basic salt dough or baking soda. If you make them, you could then color-coordinate them with paint. I’ve added mica powder to give it a pearl like hue.

  • Use paper clips as stands. I saw this post and thought “Hey, I could make small stand up graphics for ritual’” which would take the place of having statues (which I can’t afford). Use a bigger clip for large graphics.

Check this out:

The Care and Feeding of Your Wicca Altar- very nice tips and ideas. Includes lots of information on tools, altars, and use of them.

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