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If I started my own tradition…

TOSHIBA Exif JPEGThere are many traditions within the pagan religions, with many more since I started at the young age of 14…so many, many years ago.

New ones are popping up all the time, from the orthodox Gardnarians to the easy-going Reclaiming, to traditions specific to cultures such as the Asatru (Nordic) or Tamaran or Kemetic (Egyptian).

So what would I have if I were to start my own tradition?

  • I would have no leaders or followers, and no degrees. I’m a huge believer that EVERYONE is responsible for their own spiritual path.
  • We’d have no priest or priestess, but teachers. Their role is based on their ability to teach and share knowledge, but are also considered part of the group. We have rituals in circles, having no ‘head’, all are equal.
  • Members are expected to take responsible for their own spiritual path, including their ego.
  • My tradition would incorporate some of the Buddhist beliefs of removing the ego, to find happiness.
  • Members would be required to read a lot of books, even the ‘bad’ ones so they can hone their opinion.
  • They would be expected to think for themselves, to speak up and share their views. Groups would encourage diversity and mutual respect.
  • Laughter and play would be essential to all rituals.
  • Rituals would be done by everyone, where each member is encouraged to have a say on how the ritual is done, often sharing the diversity of the group.

So what would you include your tradition? Post in comments

Thoughts on tattoos

tattooI’m considering a new series of posts about tattoos, from its history, culture, to the individual, personal stories people have with their tattoos.

My own tattoo is the Triple Spiral Swirl which predates the Celts. What I love about its symbolism is that it incorporates many meanings:

- Birth, Death, and Rebirth

- Mother, Maid,  and Crone

- Land, Sea, and Sky

- Father, Son, and Holy Spirit

I was a member of a coven, the Unorthodox Dirt Children, and members picked the symbol for our group. Everyone in the coven got one. Some picked purple, black, or green (which I picked), and they could pick where they wanted it. Some picked the lower back, upper arm, ankle, or calf. I picked the shoulder.

What made it special is that we cast circle before the artists began their tattooing, and members drummed while this was going on. My tattoo was also bought for me- a gift, from some friends (since I had no money for one).

Unfortunately, it faded a bit since I didn’t put enough lotion on it or something. I need to have it redone to make it look better, but I still like it.

How to care for a tattoo.

The coven also fell apart. Someone even joked about getting the tattoos led to that because as you know, if you get a tattoo of someone you love, you’re less likely to stick it out. I don’t know if I believe that, but the group basically imploded and never recovered.

I still like my tattoo, nevertheless.

I’ve discussed with my husband possibly getting ring tattoos. This way he can remove his wedding ring at work. He nearly lost his finger twice at his workplace, (He’s a fireman) and I told him that I don’t mind at all if he takes it off. He’s sentimental about it though.

Another tattoo I’d like to get is one of the Luna Moth or a butterfly. They represent transformation, and I feel since overcoming my Depression, it would acknowledge that.

If you have a story, let me know. I will post here. Add comments or ideas. I’d love to hear from you.



wiccan01Over the years, I encounter newbies in groups who come into Wicca, witchcraft, or paganism, with the idea they will master magick, grow skillful in their powers, and embrace all that is ‘witchy’. Some like to ‘spellbeg’, which means they ask for others to give them spells they can work magick for their own ends.

This is like asking for a recipe without knowing how to cook.  It’s likely to not work for them, not being there is something wrong with the spell but because the spellbegger has no idea what they need to do to make it work.

Spells require a certain level of concentration, focus of will and energy, and a general understanding on magickal principles. Namely, that any spell starts with the Self. You need to know why you’re doing it in the first place, what motivates you, what lessons could be learned, and is it something that works with the Universe instead of against it.

I like to think that magick is like a river with its own ebb and flow. It has currents, obstacles, can flow fast and hard or slow and easy.  You are a boat. You can work with the current or go against it. Spells are the rudder, sails, and paddles to help us along the way. Spellbeggers tend to flounder around in the water without direction or even understanding they are in the river. How can they expect anything to work, to give them a direction, if they don’t learn about navigation in the first place?

I, personally, am not of the school of thought where there’s dire warnings of magick not done right. It is rare to see backlash. Generally, nothing happens at all. There’s no directed will or focus, so the spell likely just fizzles out.

They are learning experiences. And who knows, maybe a newbie could work a spell just fine. If not, they learn through trial and error.

For myself, I’m not big on handing out spells, however. What are your thoughts? Do you have experiences in this subject? Please comment. I’d love to know your thoughts.