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If I started my own tradition…

TOSHIBA Exif JPEGThere are many traditions within the pagan religions, with many more since I started at the young age of 14…so many, many years ago.

New ones are popping up all the time, from the orthodox Gardnarians to the easy-going Reclaiming, to traditions specific to cultures such as the Asatru (Nordic) or Tamaran or Kemetic (Egyptian).

So what would I have if I were to start my own tradition?

  • I would have no leaders or followers, and no degrees. I’m a huge believer that EVERYONE is responsible for their own spiritual path.
  • We’d have no priest or priestess, but teachers. Their role is based on their ability to teach and share knowledge, but are also considered part of the group. We have rituals in circles, having no ‘head’, all are equal.
  • Members are expected to take responsible for their own spiritual path, including their ego.
  • My tradition would incorporate some of the Buddhist beliefs of removing the ego, to find happiness.
  • Members would be required to read a lot of books, even the ‘bad’ ones so they can hone their opinion.
  • They would be expected to think for themselves, to speak up and share their views. Groups would encourage diversity and mutual respect.
  • Laughter and play would be essential to all rituals.
  • Rituals would be done by everyone, where each member is encouraged to have a say on how the ritual is done, often sharing the diversity of the group.

So what would you include your tradition? Post in comments

DIY goddess tutorial video- very cool idea

I found video by Morganna RavenMoon in my travels on the Web, and love the idea of doing my own statue rather than buying one. By making it yourself, you can infuse more of ‘you’ in the tools you have on your altar.

Her Youtube channel offers tons of neat idea for Sabbat practice and more. She doesn’t post new videos, but started a new channel with a fresh focus.

Knot Magic

 One of the easiest, more effective methods of working spellcraft is the use of knots. You can use just about anything from thread, yarn, to ribbons, to even ropes, and spells vary in their use and function;

Store magick- You can create knot spells to store magick evoked during full moons, or special moments, or times when you’re feeling confident and powerful. Bound into the knot, you untie to release, and use during moments when your energy might not be at its best.

Binding the negative- I think the first thin people think of with binding spells is binding another’s magick, but I don’t bother with messing with another’s magick. I bind negative things like bad habits, destructive emotions, and even worries. When casting this type of spell, you infuse each knot to work that negativity into it, and then you burn the thread. That ashes are cast into moving water away from you (Water represents emotion and temperance).

Storing amulets and magical items. Knots are also useful with adding magical beads and amulets to keep on your person. You can make things like key chains, necklaces, bracelets, etc to hold your items.

Making your own cords to wear also enhances their power.

What type of medium for knots:

My favorite medium to work knot magick is hemp cord. It comes in lovely colors, is cheap, and can be used in making jewelry. Its also a natural thread, which is preferable to working any magick.

Hemp Jewelry- Provides instruction on how to make two different styles for bracelets or necklaces from Hemp cord, but you can use yarn, cotton twine, ribbon, or any string. While weaving, chant or use spell prayer visualizing your wishes into each section.

Spell of Nine Knots- is a very old, useful, and practical type spell.

Witches Ladder (craft)- very useful article on how to make including tips, and a note about using certain feathers in crafts.

Cotton twine, silk ribbon, and natural yarn also works very well.

Types of knots:

I think most pagans/witches/wiccans do not get fancy with using types of knots, using the basic knot to bind or tie. However, consider learning special knots to be used with specific spell work.

Make your own rope belt- perfect to be used with dressed and robes.

You can find tons of instructions on types of knots and their uses, both practical and magical, and some are even for decorative uses. Just remember that any knot or weaving provides the magical person the opportunity to infuse with their intention and power.