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A neat magical tip

A neat magical tip!

The Wednesday Witch- LokiB101010


Today’s Wednesday witch is LokiB101010, a vlogger on Youtube that has a number of interesting videos on the topic of witchcraft.

She’s from New Zealand with a lovely accent, and she shares ‘how to’ type videos as well as sharing/talking videos.

Clearing incense- This video includes a basic recipe for clearing/cleansing.

Portable Altar- This video covers her portable altar

Pagan tag- This video is an ‘about her’ type video, where she shares her beliefs and practices.

She speaks plainly and to the point, and I enjoyed her series of video where she gives up chocolate. (I feel her pain…being I’m quitting sugar this month).

Post in comments, and remember to ‘like’ her videos, and subscribe. I feel it’s a worthwhile share.


Wednesday Witch: Mirth and Reverence


Today’s Wednesday Witch is a youtube vlogger, and her channel- Mirth and Reverence .

Annie, is a lovely (and wonderfully prolific) Vlogger with tons of videos on many pagan topics. What I really enjoy is how she sits and chats to the camera, as if I’ve been invited over for tea or coffee, and we’re just discussing things.

Her style includes an easy going manner with forthright answers to the myriad of question you’d expect from a teacher’s channel on pagan beliefs.  Her background includes solitary and coven work, she shares practices and history, and discusses opinion and facts. 

Some videos you might enjoy;

Lunar phases and magical alignment

Riding Energy Tides

If you visit her page, get some coffee or tea, maybe a snack;  You will be there for a while. She has TONS of videos there.

I hope you enjoy. If you know of any pagans/witches you think are worthwhile to be added to this post series, please list in comments.