The Origins of Yule

The history of Yule. This video includes many elements of the holiday season with pagan origins:

The Traveling Witch (link)


The Traveling Witch

I discovered The Traveling Witch blog today and got ‘lost’ in reading post after post.  This is exactly how I enjoy blogs- when the writing and amount of posts are available to gorge on reading.

The graphics are lovely and the information…well, informative. I really like the choice of topics as well. There are spells, recipes, ideas, and tips for those of a pagan persuasion.

Link: Molly Roberts Herspeak: Shadows Crafts…

I love Molly Roberts YouTube channel. She has such fun tips and techniques to her practice she shares. My only complain is she doesn’t post new videos fast enough for me, but many videos are very re-watchable. Watch for yourself and see what you think: This video is about Shadow work using crafts. I want to keep her list in my Book of Shadows.