Best Pagan Sites

avatar10-copy.jpgThe Internet provides an excellent source for finding information and ideas for rituals, chants, or group activities. I compiled some of my own links here to share with readers. Feel free to post in comments ones you feel should be shared.

Here is my list of the best pagan sites found on the Internet:– nearly every list that names ‘best sites’ for pagan/witches often include this site. Not only can you find groups or individuals to connect with, you can also find a number of articles on religion, activism, and overall information that is pagan.

Wicca 101– Very good page on basics to Wiccan faith. provides tons of information on all religions; objectively and without bias. Their Pagan page includes e-cards, find a coven, prayers, holidays, mediations, and so much more.

Four Quarters Faith– A spiritual retreat in PA. They provide festivals, camping, and space for covens to celebrate their faith.

Out of the Dark–  Includes lots of resources leaning towards more social activism and providing information to the public.

Lady Liberty League–  International Wiccan church founded by Selena Fox with Circle Sanctuary. Networking, ministry, Circle magazine, and working towards religious freedoms.

Federation of Circles and Solitaries–  The Federation of Circles and Solitaries is a  tax-exempt non-profit organization established for those who practice Earth-Based spiritualities.

A few more links: 

Chants and Music– Includes a MP3 player.

Sabbats of WiccaSabbats with activities, and

Astrowisdom provides moon and astrological information.

Wiccan Traditions– Who would’ve thought there were so many!?

Free Tarot Lessons


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