Moon and Sun

For many ages, the Moon symbolized the Feminine in many cultures for many reasons.

  • Women’s menstrual cycles match the moon. If not for artificial light, that is, we’d match that of the moon.
  • Women generally ovulate during the Full Moon
  • The word menstruate comes from the Greek word for moon (mene)
  • Many cultures also perceive the moon as a women’s symbol (i.e. goddess) though I read in India there is a God moon who travels the heavens to visit a number of wives (constellations).
  • Each phase is also seen as a phase of a woman’s life; maiden (White Goddess and birth), Mother (love and battle) and Crone (death and divination)- but there are other symbolism and other triple faced Goddess(es)

The God in pagan religions is often that of Harvest and the sun. The masculine is perceived as being the solar year where he is born, dies, and is reborn. Its a very ancient story that crosses over many different cultures. He’s represented as not only the sun, but sacrificial harvest ‘king’, or that of the stag. In some pagan cultures, the horned animals were seen as sacred and life giving (so you wouldn’t starve in the winter).

Interesting, don’t you think?


3 responses to “Moon and Sun

  1. And then in northern European pagan tradition the relations are often the opposite (wonder why people always forget that?). The sun was the lifegiving goddess, gone all winter and returing in the spring. Bringing warmth to the land as a mother holding her baby.
    The moon was the protection warrior, just leaving the sky for one night at the time, always there to guard the people in the night.

    I think it’s quite fun that you can find these opposites in nothern/southern europe, even though the pantheons in general are every similar no matter where you are.

  2. What tradition was/is there in Northern European traditions? Nordic? Asatru? Every time I Google ‘moon god’ I get too many sites with goddesses.

  3. It’s not a tradition, it’s an folk-belief idea. I think it’s of germanic orgin, somehow, but I don’t remember precisely:)

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