What kind of pagan are you?

On the topic of faith, of something so abstract and personal as spiritualism, labeling becomes more complex. There are plenty of people who will admit to believing in God, but not necessarily one of the Bible. Others may explain further of their own personal religion created from various experiences and influences in their life. Some see God as feminine, while others may perceive the Divine as multi-faceted with many names and faces. This is still as valid as any religion that has existed for thousands of years.

Does a history validate a religion’s meaning? I don’t think so. Its a personal, private relationship with the Divine, the Powers Within, and that which you hold sacred. Its not temples, churches, or sacred groves. Its not talismans, altars, or rituals. Its not an entitled person you need to validate or confirm your faith. Its you and you alone.

A pagan by definition simply means ‘one who doesn’t believe in God’, or as modern versions now include a nature oriented faith; having a polytheistic (many gods) belief system.  Only upon learning the many types of pagans there are can you see the truly diverse realm that falls under the term ‘pagan’.

Belief-o-matic– an amusing quiz you can take through beliefnet.com to see what religious path you follow based on answers regarding your faith.

What kind of pagan are you quiz. extends into the many types of pagans.

Beliefnet.com’s page of religions. Take the time to browse through the many types of religion our planet has.

www.paganspace.net a pagan resource page

Pagan News

The Pagan Activist


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