Binding Spell: quelling the dark

From time to time, you may face someone in your life that is destructive, and drags you down. Its advisable to try to make amends, or cut them out of your life, or take some measure to remove them from influencing your life.  In some cases, the person might be seen as a threat, having some ability to throw harm into your life.

Sometimes, its not even a person, but a situation such as a job, neighbor, a barking dog at night, etc. Your life turns stressful, dark, and closes in around you. This is when a binding spell works best to release those negative emotion you feel, towards the situation or a person, as well as binding the chaos surrounding you.

Bear in mind, any spells cast upon another specifically also binds your fate into the magick as well. This is never to be done lightly. This is never to be done to harm to control another. The focus for any binding spell is to protect not only yourself, but the object of the spell from harm, and to promote healing.

You will need:

A cord, preferably black to represent the darkness. You can use any cord made from natural materials, but if necessary, use any string of any color. Remember this is sympathetic magic so the symbollism is important to you and what colors and materials mean to you, personally.

Fire, the element of transformation and change. You can use a candle, small flame in a cauldron, etc.

Water, the element of heart and healing. You want water that is moving away from you. This can be a stream, river, or even the toilette.

Braid or fingerknit the cord, imbuing into the weaving all the stress, anger, fear, and emotion concerning the situation or focus of the bad emotion. Make the cord along enough so you can tie knots along the length. Focus also emotion of forgiveness and healing.

Cup your hands, and speak a prayer to the god/dess/divine, asking for peace. Remember that binding a specific person is to help with healing and releasing anger, not causing anyone harm.

Now start tying knots, each time binding the specific person, place, or thing that influences this chaos. Say out loud “I bind (name of binding)”. Do this until finished.

Now burn the cord, letting the flames change your anxiety, fear, anger, hate, etc into peace, courage, forgiveness, and love.

Once burnt as much as it can, toss into the water that is moving away from you. It doesn’t matter if it floats away or not; its the turmoil and negative thoughts that are being pulled from you.

Give thanks to the god/dess. You might also want to speak some words of forgiveness and heartfelt hope that healing begins for all parties involved.

You should notice the next day, you will be feeling better. Remember to not speak or focus any energy about the person/place/thing that bothers you. The idea is to not provide any energy to it so that it might interfere in your life again.


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