When Pagans are in Shadow

You would think that being a pagan or witch, you’d have all the power and magic to fend back troubles. So empowered with the ancient gods and goddesses, how could a pagan possibly face any problems? One would think, even should you face hardship, you would find a way to magic it away. But you’d be surprised that Life doesn’t work like that.

Staying in the Light, remaining safe, never facing adversary will actually weaken your character. You’ll grow soft and compliant. Its the hardships that manifests endurance. Its the troubles we face that allow us to see what sort of mettle we are made of. Some of the most profound lessons learned come from bitter struggle. Survivors may bear scars, but they are healed wounds, calloused from experience, and quite often, a survivor realizes how precious life, family, or the basics of necessities are.

Many Wiccans follow the Threefold Law of Return, believing whatever energy they put out into the Universe returns to them threefold. Karma, however, is not so clearly defined. You can be the most giving, loving, and wonderful person, but this doesn’t mean you won’t face hardships. The God/dess has lesson you need to learn, and sometimes those lessons can be cruel.

Lately I’ve endured depression and a number of friends faced illness, work related stresses, nightmares, conflict in friendships, and even loss of family. Through this, we endure. I realized that by being the shoulder another can lean on, or the clown to provoke a smile in someone feeling alone, or just being a quiet presence to someone who cannot deal with words, but just needs another being near them; all this helps me to heal.

Our ability to help another person with compassion has no limits. The well for love and trust is fathomless. In service, ‘in the doing’, you may find your own way. You will also find that some situations are not ‘problems’ but challenges presented to you to find the answer.


One response to “When Pagans are in Shadow

  1. Thank you for the reminder- it’s easy to forget that darkness is sometimes the most efficient form our lessons take. Blessings!

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