After the basics, now where do you?

pentacleIn the study group of my coven, we often pick a book to share to follow along and discuss issues of our spiritual path. The bookshelves are stocked full with general books on the introduction to Witchcraft, or Wicca, or any number of pagan religions. Basics include how to cast circle, the seasonal holidays and lunar meetings to celebrate the gods, or cast spells. After the basics, where do you go with your spirituality?

In our coven, members find encouragement to explore their own path as they see fit, and bring it back to our group to share. One member may lean towards the Celtic traditions, while another prefers influences from Buddhism. Another member explores herbalism and growing things, while another explores their ability to do crafts.

Debate is welcome, and many members acknowledge they will be challenged with their knowledge. We don’t want members learning something that has no base or purpose. They need to understand the ‘why’ and cause of things too.

Learning is never ending. Once you understand the basics, now you must explore the ultimate question of who you are as a person, how to cope with what Life flings at you, and what goals do you place upon yourself? Some pagans find themselves answering the call to be a healer, or a craftsman, or perhaps they find answers from other spiritual paths.

Here is what I learned:

I learned that paganism focuses more on empowerment than power.

I learned that titles or degree I earn really doesn’t matter since religion is between me and the Divine, and no one else.

I learned that you don’t have to let Christianity or Satanism intimidate me, that its perfectly fine to accept and continue open discourse with both paths to gain better understanding.

I’ve learned that beyond books, you need to look to the natural world and how it works to learn more about myself.

I’ve learned my beliefs change over time, evolving with new experiences and this is all perfectly fine.

What do you think is paganisms (whatever path you follow) teach you?


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