The importance of meditation

meditation“Know thyself” is one of the principles of many pagan beliefs. The philosophy of understanding our true selves helps us master the will and strengthen integrity. Knowing who you are and what inner workings guide you also provides the foundation of spirituality and its purpose.

Meditation helps us understand ourselves. Some would say it guides us to enlightenment, but those of us that don’t adhere to the belief, or feel the need to do so, can still benefit from the quiet moments of meditation.

But what is Meditation? Meditation takes on many forms; from the quiet ’empty mind’ of the Buddhist form, to the embracing the flow of thought in mindful meditation. Whether sitting in Lotus, or moving through the forms of Tai Chi, meditation offers many benefits of both spirit and that of the body.

Some benefits include easing pain, stress, and anger. Meditation improves blood flow, lowers blood pressure, improves mood by elevating Seratonin in the brain, enhances the immune system, and improves sleep.

Most important for pagans to learn meditation is to learn more about themselves, but also the ‘ground-and-center’ meditation before and after ritual. Grounding and centering also works great whenever one is stressed or agitated.

Basic Ground and Center technique. There are various ways in which to do this, especially with visualization. Some imagine energy welling up from the earth, through them, to the sky above, while others envision water or their soul like a vine burying into the earth. Use whatever you feel most comfortable with.

Children also benefit from transcendental forms to improve thought clarity, often improving focusing the minds of children diagnosed with ADHD/ADD.

Here is a wonderful video on how to Zazen meditation, and best illustrates how difficult it might be when you start out; be patient. It takes practice, and is well worth the effort.

Meditation Info-center- lots of information on meditation such as benefits, styles, and history.


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