Calling Quarters, invoking the elements

One of the aspects of casting a circle includes invoking the ‘Quarters’, also referred to as the elements or Watchtowers. This includes North (Earth), East (Air), South (Fire) and West (Water). Traditionally starting to the East direction, some pagan practioners begin in another direction. This depends on what tradition you follow and what reason you choose that particular direction.

North is represented by Earth, such as soil, seeds, plants, rocks/crystals, or burrowing animals such as badgers, groundhogs, or chipmunks. This element represents fertility and growth and prosperity.

East is represented by Air, such as feathers, bubbles, or incense. Birds, butterflies, and other flying creatures are often symbolized by this element. The imagination and vision, such as dreams are symbollic of this element.

South is Fire, represented by candle flame, coals, dragons, or salamanders. Its an element of change and transformation.

Personally, I do not call ‘directions’. I invoke the elements and what they symbolize. I begin with North, the element of growth, while others might choose East, the direction of the rising sun. Once invoked, I light a candle in welcome.

When the circle is over, I bade a hearfelt farewell and blow the candle out, visualizing my breath with the gratitude I feel when I blow.


13 responses to “Calling Quarters, invoking the elements

  1. my auntie is a witch and she seems to think that I could be a powerful witch also. She thinks I just need to find a way to umm I guess wake the power up inside me. I thought of invoking the elements. Got any suggestions on exactly how to do it. Or maybe there is another way.

    • I would have to ask what exactly do your consider your power, and what are the reasons to awaken it?
      But when it comes to evoking power, you’ll find two kinds; the inner and outer energies. Inner energies fuel your own body and soul, while outer energies are within everything; the trees, the wind, the power of the moon, etc.
      Inner power also touches upon the confidence, will, ego, and inner forces within you. You won’t be able to do much with your power until you master the ego, (the Self). I would suggest taking steps to learn meditation, visualization, and lots and lots of reading on the topic of theology and psychology.

  2. what is invoking the elements? i dont get it….. can u control the elements or something?

    • Invoking elements is the same as calling Quarters. When casting circle, you stop at the four directions- east, south, west, and north, and each are represented by an element known as wind, fire, water, and earth. Each of those elements also symbolize wind = dreams, vision, and intellect, fire = change, transformation, and sexual energy, water =heart, emotion, temperance, and earth = prosperity, growth, and fertility. Of course, these are only a few of what they symbolize, its up to you to decide what feels right.

  3. im the east of our coven. who should start? north south east or west? and wat can east do? i heard from some books that i can levatate and walk over water wen i master it. is it true? does invoking the elements work?

    • No, you don’t walk on water, no levitating rocks. That’s a cartoon, Avatar. Seriously, the first direction depends on purpose. Traditionally, you begin in the East/ai, where the sun rises. My coven started with North/earth for growth.

  4. How do you know what your element is?

    • Some people don’t have an affinity towards a specific element. Others claim they are more water element than earth, or some people even refer to their astrological signs.
      I know some pagans who might feel they are water or fire, or earth or air, where it reflects their attributes. Also bear in mind that some religions even view other elements such as metal and wood.
      There’s also Aether, or Akasha- the fifth element of Spirit.

  5. can i accidentally summons an evil spirit? can elemental invocations ever call on any evil spirits at any time?

    • As my desire is to practice the elements, I am hesitant because evil has no place in my practice. i do not want to draw negative attention from “unsavory entities” thank you for any useful knowledge you might have to ward against this

      • this is why you cleanse and consecrate the space before you do invocation. When you call upon the quarters/elements, you fill your heart with love and light and ask them to join in your circle. Unless you’re calling with anger, fear, or hate in your heart, you won’t summon negative. You invoke what it is your heart.
        This is another reason why its so important for witches (pagans) to ‘know thyself’ and know what is in your heart and intention.

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