Spells: What we want versus what we need

I’m finding more and more as of late a tug towards Buddhist teaching. Not that this interfers with my being pagan. If anything, Buddhism meshes very well with the concepts of “An it harm none” and the “Threefold Law of Return”. I find, however, that Buddhism lends more in explanation of these principles.

We could argue on the topic of ‘harm none’ and what it means, but many religion teach us to harm others harms ourselves. It creates an imbalance and often anger is met with anger, fear is met with fear. I’ve also discussed in a previous post how the 3-fold law isn’t the same as Karma. Karma is from the Sanskirt, meaning ‘action’. Its the culimination of our actions (good or bad) towards our reward. We must weigh what is considered good or bad. I personally see things as balanced and those that are imbalanced.

Take for instance when dealing with a difficult person. Your gut reaction tells you to deal harshly and with defined assertiveness, when some people work so much better with a gentler hand. What do you hope to gain by dealing with a difficult person? Is it to crush their overinflated ego into dust, or is there hope to nurture them into being stronger and better people?

This leads into the idea of what we want, and what we need. Our gut instinct always reaches for what we want- and what we want and to get it NOW. What we need, however, might not have anything to do with what we want, let alone when we want it. To simplify; I want a huge piece of chocolate cake right now, but a bowl of red grapes for a bedtime snack is the better choice for me. Tomorrow, I will likely regret even wanting the cake to begin with.

This is why when casting spells you should always meditate beforehand, to search through the feelings of instinct, anger, fear, and all the muck of emotion to realize what you need to grow and learn from situations.


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