Raising Pagan Children

To outsiders, raising children in a pagan religion might be a cause for concern. Perhaps they assume that paganism is ‘bad’ for them, that it contradicts the Bible or what have you. Its not Christianity, but its also not harmful to kids. In fact, most pagans I know raise their children liberally, without indoctrinating them in any religion at all.

My own son, who turns ten this November, tells me he’s atheist.  He doesn’t believe in God, he told me. “I just believe in nature”.  I’m cool with that, though I still expect him to learn of how other’s belief so he can understand the differences in the world. We learn about Christianity, the Muslim faith, Buddhism, and other religions/cultures as they arise in our homeschooling. We tend to explore any faith and culture of a people in our Geography lessons. For instance, we explored what the Aztecs believed while learning about ancient Mexico.

Some people might jump to the conclusion then that he follows my pagan faith. He doesn’t. He believes in the natural order of things, how nature regulates itself. More specifically, he doesn’t believe some guy in the sky is controlling everything. He doesn’t have issues with anyone believing in God, he simply prefers not to.

I do feel children need some spiritual guidance from their parents if only to understand what their family believes. This includes parents who are Atheist. Open discussions on faith, or non faith, or even difference of opinions help a child learn to question and consider different ways of thinking.


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