The Darker Side of the Year

sunflower3The dark half the year traditionally serves a time of planning. Its the time of year to consider your goals for the next year  How you’ll achieve those goals? What tools will you need? Will you need to prepare the soil before planting? (to use the metaphor)

This is also the time to look within ourselves, to see what parts of ourselves hold us back from growing and evolving spiritually. Do you harbor fears and anger that hold you back? Is a bad habit keeping you from being the best you can be? This is the time to weigh those parts of ourselves, to work through our fears and inhibitions. Remove all that obscures  you from seeing you for what you truly are.

Faults are like weeds in our gardens. They choke out the plants we want in our lives. The first step is recognizing the ‘weed’, and recognizing if its effecting the rest of your goals. Does your fears, habit, resentment, anger, etc hold you back from moving forward in life? Then you need to weed your garden.

Know that what faults you bear does not make you a bad person, but it holds you back. Accept the fault and also challenge yourself to work through it. See if the fault can work for you instead of against you. Is the fault rising out of fear? Face that fear and grow.

I find it helps to also find something to replace the fault. If you have fear, then replace with courage. If you resent someone, replace with forgiveness. If you have a bad habit, find a healthier, better habit that will help you along your Journey. For instance, find exercise instead of smoking. Be creative.


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