Samhain- Day of the Dead

The sabbat of Samhain (pronounced SOW-ain) will soon be upon us, wrapping us into the Veil between the worlds, and coaxing all sorts of mystical and haunting situations. I love this time of year, despite the chill and shortening days.

Samhain is one of the eight sabbats pagans celebrate through the year. Marked in the Celtic calendar as New Year’s Day, it was belonging to the past year nor to the year ahead. The Veil between mortal man, and the spirit world grew thin; allowing the dead to walk among us.

Popular traditions include:
The Dumb Supper- no, not dumb as in stupid, but dumb as in silent. You do not speak during the Dumb Supper to honest those how passed on. You cook the dishes your ancestors might like, and eat in silent introspection.

Honoring the dead- This can be done in many ways. Most common traditions include lighting candles for the people and pets who passed on through the past year. Stories are often shared of those gone.

Divination- Fortune telling such as Tarot reading is very common this night. What better time to speak to the dead, or ask the Spirits for answers. As ever, however, ask/speak with respect and honor.

Feasting- Every sabbat includes a meal including traditional foods. For Samhain, the last harvest of the year, you eat just about anything. It was traditionally the time you made sure all the crops were sown and herds culled by this night.

What traditions do you enjoy on Samhain?


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