Samhain: Pumpkins

d3fe9e7bd3d233abf1edfd1b0655ee0753294cf2Originally the Jack O Lantern was carved from a turnip. Once Americanized, the pumpkin filled the role as scary lantern against the spooks of Samhain.

Some things you may not know about pumpkins:

  • Pumpkins are in the family of squashes and gourds. They are considered a fruit.
  • The word pumpkin came from the Greek word pepon, meaning ‘large melon’.
  • Pumpkin (and the seeds) are an excellent source of protein, zinc, Vitamin A,potassium and even Tryptophan, the same chemical you find in milk to help you sleep.
  • The flowers of the pumpkin plant are edible

They also make a tasty pie, but the you need young, small sized pumpkins which are sweeter.

Carving tips:

  • Draw the face ( or whatever you want to carve) onto the pumpkin first.
  • When carving the ‘lid’, make the shape jagged to make it easier to fit back in place when carving is finished.
  • The lid should also be cut at an angle, creating a ‘cone’ like shape. This will prevent it from falling back into the pumpkin.
  • Sprinkle the inside with Cinnimon and Clove to add a nice scent through the holidays.

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