Celebrating Samhain

There are a number of traditions pagans and witches follow to celebrate Samhain, day of the dead.

Honoring those who passed on. In our coven, we light candles for everyone who we cared about that passed on.  You can get even more creative by making luminaries for the dead, flower wreaths, or ribbons to tie to a tree or bush with messages to them. Sharing stories about them also honors their spirits, keeping them ‘alive’ for those who remain.

Pumpkin Luminaries– of course you can create any design with any color. Write names, or symbols of those who passed on.

Pagan Crafts– Lots of ideas here including wreaths.

Celebrating the ‘new year’. In the Celtic calendar, October 31st celebrates the new year. Considering we’ve switched how we recognize weeks and years for centuries, this comes to no surprise. October 31 belongs to neither the old year or to the year ahead, so this is when the Veil between the worlds of mortals and the spirit world are thinnest.  Make resolutions and use divination this night.

Samhain Divination

Feasts and parties are always popular celebrations for just about everything. Assemble friends and family to eat and drink to appreciate them and the time together.

Butternut squash casserole– this recipes has been a favorite of the group for some time. My husband made it a few years ago and even my nine year old son asks for him to make it. Its similar to pumpkin pie.

Corned Beef Dip in a bread bowl is another popular appetizer in my family. This doesn’t last long whenever I make it.

Corned Beef Sandwiches– Another tasty food. We tried this and what makes them so nice is they’re food you can eat with your hands. They’re very filling too.

Feel free to post your own celebrations or traditions you enjoy on this holiday!


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