Tips for dream interpretation

Over Thanksgiving dinner, the topic of dreams arose amid my family. Recurring dreams, symbolism, and deeper meanings added to the laughter of the more ridiculous visions we’ve encountered. My father, for instance, admitted to dreaming of being chased by lions through a forest, and found a door to get away from them. Thing was; it turned out to just a door, with no means to save himself.

When we dream, our subconscious works with the wakeful Self in coping with worries, solving problems, and sometimes even finding answers to pervading questions. Sometimes dreams are nothing more than brain noise, or as Freud put it “Sometimes a cigar is just a cigar”. They can be entertaining, terrifying, and most importantly, a powerful tool for the witch (or pagan) to learn more about him or her Self.

Keep a dream journal. This often provide insight in symbols and meaning behind our dreams. Add the dream in the order you remember it, adding how you felt about the situations. Sometimes you’ll find something you would normally be terrified doesn’t bother you at all in a dream, or visa versa. This could be important.

Recite the dream as soon as you waken. This includes journaling the dream, or telling someone else about it. Even talking to yourself can help you remember bits and pieces.

Don’t depend on dream dictionaries for symbol meaning. Most books use symbols that are from society or myth, not our personal experiences. I dreamt several dreams on Yellow Jacket wasps, and if I depended on dream dictionaries, they warned against someone talking behind my back. That’s not the meaning I got at all from my dreams. If anything it had to do with fear and relationships.

Instead, meditate or read up on various sources to see what strikes you as being the right symbol. Its all open to interpretation.

Interpreting a dream can take days or even years to reveal its meaning. This often depends on how much we understand our Selves and how we feel about matters. The better you get at understanding your motivations and feelings, the easier dream interpretation are.


7 responses to “Tips for dream interpretation

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  2. Dream dictionaries can be useful because they explain dreams in terms of symbols that are shared by people of similar cultures and sometimes across cultures.

    For example, many people associate the color green with fertility and growth (green grass) so a dream in which the color green plays an important role could be a sign that something new is beginning or “growing” in their lives.

    Jung wrote extensively about Archetypes, characters that repeatedly appear in the myths and legends of different cultures – for example, the Hero who undertakes a long, difficult quest – and found that these archetypes appear in dreams as well.

    Some modern researchers believe that the dreams we have are hard-wired in our brains; they were designed to teach our prehistoric ancestors how to cope with threats in their environment – such as being chased by wild animals or having to fight someone else. This explains, for example, why young children often dream of being chased by wild animals and monsters.

    Of course, the personal situation of the dreamer should always be taken into account when interpreting a dream. However, a dream dictionary can provide a useful head start.

  3. i really need help in interpreting this dream. i dreamt i had a death sentence and it was my final day. i was saying goodbye to all my love ones. in the dream i was not scared or anything like that i was ready. and was about to say goodbye to my husband and i woke up crying.

    • Death is often symbolizing change, or symbolic death- not literal death. It may mean you’re going to face a huge change (not necessarily a bad one).
      This dream could also be your subconscious mind trying to work through real fears you hold inside you.

  4. It’s good that you mention not to rely on dream dictionaries – too many people make that mistake. While there are common archetypes and themes common to most people, at the same time, different things can mean different things to people, and the key is understanding how they view these dream images and symbols while they are awake.

    Anna Arcadius, (Master Dream Interpretor)

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