Some very witchy YouTube channels

I love the web and all the media it provides me. I can watch television, movies, and a myriad of cartoons and movies that people post all across the Internet. Some are entertaining, thought provoking, irritating, and some even downright repulsive, but I appreciate the open medium of the Web which offers such diversity of Life.

Here are some wonderful videos with pagan themes:

CharmingPixieFlora– A wonderful lady who shares some interesting crafts, esbat/sabbat ideas, and shares insight on some pagan teachings.

Phanie12 (Hibiscus Moon) also provides some educational how-to videos such as charging your crystals and some altar setups.

Hedgewitch (Aelwyndaeira’s Channel) offers informational videos including sabbats, book of shadows, and videos specific to what a hedgewitch is about.

Magick Source– Includes not just coven rituals, but also includes interviews with people like Selena Fox. You can also find a wiccan handfasting, a witches’ ball, and some music.

I hope you enjoy the videos.


Fleur– Includes Wicca, very down to earth advice.


2 responses to “Some very witchy YouTube channels

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  2. This girl is also very good.

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