Blue Moon for December

This Blue moon of December is a calendar blue moon, and falls under the New Year’s Eve. This makes the cycle one of new beginnings, fresh starts, goal setting, and preparations of a powerful year. Its known as ‘Goal Moon’. What better time than this year, on New Year’s Eve.

A Blue Moon isn’t actually blue at all.  It  is the second full moon of the month, or the forth full moon of a season. There are normally 12 moons within a year’s time. A blue moon is the 13th moon of the year.

An extra full moon was both powerful and magical. We won’t see another blue moon until 2012. We’re also experience a  lunar eclipse that night.

You will want to cast circle and work magic towards goals you hope to achieve. Contemplate carefully both your needs and desires, while taking stock of your own power. List goals and charge them for the coming year for fruition.

Take note that 2010 is also the year of the Tiger, according to the Chinese New Year, and marks a year of goals and successes.

This is also a great time to rid yourself of unwanted habits, emotional baggage, or things in your life that holds you back from being your true self.


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