Perfection syndrome

Those who are new to the craft tend to worry if they ‘get it wrong’. This includes speaking the right words, at the right time, in the right way. Casting a circle can be a complicated ritual, for instance, or doing a spell. They get caught up on doing it right for fear of… what exactly?

We don’t have a hell or Satan to punish us. What do you suppose will happen if you get it wrong? What if you say the wrong words, invoke the wrong direction, mispronounce a goddess’ name? In the twenty odd years of practicing I can say in all honesty, nothing will happen. I’ve made mistakes in ritual. There was no fire, or evoking bad spirits, no bad luck or misfortune befell me.

The intention behind your words and action is important. If I’m invoking the spirit of South, facing West, while stirring up all the thoughts and intention of change, heat, warmth, and light- the element and direction see that in my heart.

We are also imperfect beings, striving to be better. Religion serves to delve into those recesses of our souls to shape and hone the strengths that reside there. Making mistakes is one part of actually improving yourself. You make a mistake; you learn from it. For some people, learning through the hard knocks of life provides a deeper understanding of the lesson than any other method.

Fear and inhibitions often hold us back from exploring the shadow self. Don’t seek power, find empowerment. Overcome those fears to cultivate courage. Challenge the inhibitions so you can experience Life. You are the one holding you back.

Accept you are not perfect, and you don’t need to be perfect or do things perfectly. Religion is the relationship between you and the god/dess, and no one else. They won’t judge you.


One response to “Perfection syndrome

  1. Now here’s a post I’m going to need to put to one side and keep re-reading. I’m very much a perfectionist, in all aspects of my life, and I do need reminders sometiems that I’m only human
    Thank you

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