Pages of the Book of Shadows

The other day during our witches’ meetup, I made handouts for members on the subject of Circle Etiquette. I picked a stylish font, added some graphics, and considered should they have Book of Shadows, they could include these pages and they’d look nice as well. My efforts were much appreciated, but I think this illustrates how adding some artistic style to your personal BOS offers  so much choice to make it your own.

So what pages should you add?

Ideally its whatever you deem important. A BOS reflects your spiritual path but also your soul. It can include journaling pages, essays on thoughts and experiences, a mix of recipes and ritual outlines, notes on herbs or stones, a history of divination be that tarot, runes, or even meditations, and just about anything else you feel necessary.

Some basics:

The Charge of the Goddess– personally I wrote my own charge of the goddess. The original, well known version was written by Gerald Gardner, then rewritten by Doreen Valiente. The Charge surmises expectations of followers in faith. I’m not fond of the Old English style or the mention of being naked in your rites. Not that I’m a prude. I went to a clothes optional festival and have attended ritual skyclad, but I see the common sense reasons to wear clothes when its cold. Feel free to write your own or add the original Charge.

13 Principles of Wiccan Belief, founded by seventy three witches of the Council of Witches in 1974 summarizes the beliefs of most Wiccan spiritual paths.

A ritual outline helps illistrate how you conduct your rituals and the steps to complete the ritual. You might want to include various ritual outlines depending on your needs such as full moon rituals or Sabbat rituals or rites of passage.

Your beliefs. Your personal beliefs may differ than the usual teachings of Wicca, such as contention with the Wiccan Rede, or thoughts on the Divine. Write them down, be honest. I found through the years my faith evolves with the turning of the Wheel and experiences I endure. Its nice to have a record of how and why those beliefs change.

A record of your spells and meditations. You can maintain a journal or keep worksheets to fill out for this purpose but they help with realizes if you have results or your meditations provide greater insight for you.

Some other pages to consider:

Herb, stone, or rune lore

Essays on the specific gods and goddesses you follow

A dream journal


Chants and songs

and anything else you deem important.


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