Oastara, and the First Day of Spring

While my ten year old insists its been the ‘best winter ever’ due to massive snow storms and copious amounts of snow to play with, for myself, I’m tired of winter and want spring to get here. For now, I’m content with the warming days and the inklings of a new season right around the corner.

Oastara, known as the vernal spring equinox, marks the First Day of Spring. It celebrates renewal and fertility, of preparing for gardens and crops, and planting seeds for the coming months. Eggs symbolize the potential for life, while rabbits represent the fertility of mother earth. You should notice signs of new buds, ladybugs, and spring birds returning from their winter feeding grounds. The days will be longer, the sun brighter, and earth ripe with promise.

The goddess is ripe while the god is young and runs the land wild and free. Animals prepare for the mating season.

Some fun things to do with spring;

Make confetti eggs (cascaronies) filled with confetti or even better BIRD SEED!

Make egg shakers– These are super easy. Use plastic eggs, fill with rice or dried seeds, and then use duct tape (some of which are very colorful) and viola! You have a shaker to make music.

Bless seeds. Select seeds for a garden, or something you wish to plant in a pot, or put in the ground out in the woods or field. On Oastara, bless the seeds by infusing with hope, love, intention, and all that you hope to see come to fruition in your life.

Make seed cards– These make great gifts. Basically its making homemade paper infused with seeds to plant in the ground.

Make paper seed pots from newspaper to use for planting. The idea is that you plant the plant and paper pot together in the ground. You can make a similar idea from paper tubes.

Make your own baskets to fill with flowers, gifts, etc.  You can even use just newspaper if you wish to be earth-friendly.

Add birdhouses, birdfeeders, birdbath, and other backyard items to welcome animals. Here is a list:

Flowerpot birdbath

Birdwatcherdigest list of bird feeders

Garden for Wildlife

Wonderful list for attracting all sorts of critters like birds, bats, bees, and more.

Don’t forget that daily savings time changes on the 14th of this month. Set your clocks forward!


3 responses to “Oastara, and the First Day of Spring

  1. Really nice idea, I’m away from my friends who I uses to share rituals with. I think some of these are great ways to send something to them to remember each other on the Equinox.

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