Love spells and ethics

Whenever the topic of the Threefold Law comes up in conversation amid the pagans, you’ll find someone always brings up the issue of love spells. A general consensus of ‘don’t do them’ tends to be the status quo, but I think its an important subject to discuss and clarify.

Love spells permeate books and even the history of magic. You can find the means to provoke love by a number of methods, but the Threefold Law offers a warning to not play with someone’s else freedom of will. I support this concept wholeheartedly. You don’t want to cast spells on anyone specific because they should have the right to freewill just as you do.

Casting a love spell for love, on the other hand, is perfectly okay. The idea is that you don’t cast the spell with anyone in mind, but that you’re inviting love and all that it brings into your life. This is perfectly fine. You’re asking the ‘powers that be’ to bring someone special in your life, and like any spell, its with the hope you’re ready for it.

Bear in mind, however, that the love gods and goddesses of old myth were often fickle and had an odd sense of humor. Aphrodite, the Greek goddess of love, paired up some strange bedfellows. Eros, her son (also known as Cupid) also shot love into folks that impassioned them into some serious problems.

Also remember that many goddesses and gods of love were also patrons to war. I think that speaks volumes of how we, as humans, perceive love.  Love deities also incorporated fertility, so be duly warned, and take preparations.


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