Wednesday Witch: Wiccan Works

Wiccan Works offers a number of topics, not just on pagan subjects. Cathy and her husband also do vast amounts of gardening and sometimes she adds prayers, poems, photography, and other tidbits of interest. Her style incorporates a lovely poetic flow, and I think the entries vary enough to provide interest to just about everyone.


From the Pagan Manifesto:

There is, within society at present, a group of people calling themselves Pagans who, feeling that there are many misunderstandings surrounding their beliefs and practices, wish this document to be made available to the public in order to promote a greater understanding of the basis of Pagan belief (Pagan is a general term being used to describe many modern-day manifestations of ancient and pre-Christian religious practices.)

The term “Paganii” comes from the Latin “Pagus”, meaning “Countryside”, and therefore literally means “dwellers in the country”. Hence Paganism is a nature based religion, respecting and endeavoring to understand the needs of the planet and it’s ecology as a whole. It was handed down from ancient times.”

To read more go to the Pagan Manifesto page at her site.


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