Journaling in a Book of Shadows

Journaling offers a great way for anyone wishing to learn more about themselves. It helps clear one’s thoughts, and helps to find the answers to questions on your life. You can also find journaling helps shape your thinking to something more positive.

Journaling in a book of shadows includes not just thoughts and the day to day stuff, but also comments on spell work, rituals, and meditations. You can also maintain sections specific for each topic.

Some tips on journaling in your Book of Shadows:

Avoid ranting. Putting energy into a rant, complaining, or wallowing in self misery serves no purpose other than staying where you are. Instead, focus on the positive, how to fix things, and be solution oriented. See problems as challenges, not obstacles. If you start ranting or complaining, STOP, make a mark, then find something positive to write about.

Add more than just text. Sketch, jot down poetry or quotes, or even paste pictures, flowers, photos, or just about anything in your journal. This is about expressing yourself creativity.

Be honest with yourself. Sometimes its difficult to be honest with ourselves when we face our own inner demons, or facing our own negative characteristics. By seeing yourself as you are, you can evolve and more into something better and stronger than before.

Use freewriting techniques. Freewriting ignores all convention with the rules of writing. You just write, nonstop, ignoring grammar, punctuation, and spelling. This touches upon ‘automatic’ writing, where you write from the soul. You’d be amazed at what comes out to paper.

Write with feeling and you’ll find your way.


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