What is magic?

I was surprised to find that not many beginning pagans really ask what magic is, exactly. They take for granted its all mystical and power, assuming the workings of said magic stems from the words and actions they do to achieve their goal.

Magic is the combining of magic and energy to attain a goal. The energy evoked from your spirit/soul, or perhaps tapped from everything around you, or what you view as the Divine.

Magic can be the change deep within your subconscious, switching something deeply ingrained to let go of things like fear, anger, or even ego. Its lending focus and strength to conviction as well as empowerment towards a defined goal.

With spell work, you don’t have doubts or wavering of morals. You know down to your blood and bones its what you want, you deserve it, and that change will happen.

How that change will happen varies.

Take for instance a spell for work. You might get a job, but not one you like. You weren’t specific enough, or perhaps your higher power wants you to endure an experience to learn something. Perhaps you get the job, but some baggage you carry and haven’t worked through causes you to lose the job, or maybe you really didn’t want it to begin with.

Every witch, or pagan, should ‘know thyself’. This means learning about the inner workings of your Self, to learn about what you need as opposed to what you want, and to be able to discern the two. You need to explore the darker aspects such as the anger, resentment, jealously, and especially fears that ultimately hold you back.

Most of our problems we carry around are the obstacles in our lives. Face them, work through them, and overcome them. You’ll expand and grow in the meantime.


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