Stereotypes about pagans

I wanted to go over a few stereotypes about pagans:

They are tree-hugging hippies. Not all are adamant about saving the environment or hugging trees any more than the average person.

They wear black or dress weird. Many prefer jeans or comfortable clothing, but may wear a pentacle or goddess symbol. Generally, however, you’d never know their spiritual path by looking at them.

They’re vegetarian. Some don’t eat meat, or even follow a vegan diet, but many are not. This is a personal decision, not a tenant of the pagan religions.

They keep a book of shadows. You’d be surprised to find that many do not keep any journal. They follow what they feel is right, and for some, that doesn’t include writing in a journal.

They hate Christian holidays. Although a few pagans I know denounce celebrating Christian holidays, most celebrate both pagan and Christian holidays. For myself, I’ll celebrate any holiday with candy, presents, and fun.

They hate Christians. You find pagans who once were Christian who harbor disgust or annoyance with the Bible thumpers, or those who claim they will go to Hell, but you can also find pagans, like myself, who hold no ill will towards Christianity and in fact will encourage others on that path to embrace Christ’s teachings.

They have orgies. I have no idea where this stereotype popped up, but I have never, ever heard or seen anything about orgies. Although the pagan religions view sexuality with respect and more openness than many other religions, it doesn’t mean its abused.

They use spells all the time. For many pagans, spells are simply prayers. You’d be surprised at how little some pagans practice any magick, but for others, its simply a method to bring balance, peace, harmony, and helps with easing the burdens of life. I can’t remember the last time I cast a spell… maybe I’m just getting old.

You need to be in a coven to learn this stuff. There is a school of thought concerning this, but not all pagans are witches or even Wiccan.  I feel a coven is necessary to learn a specific tradition or if you hope to form your own coven you need some level of training, but overall, many, many, many covens are started as their own tradition by individuals who were not ordained through a coven.  Religion, ultimately, lies between you and the Divine. You can learn on your own, like any religion. You can obviously be a Christian without going to church.

I think you can find stereotypes, that’s why they’re there, but you no one wants to be judged on assumptions or rumor either. I would hope that pagans can also extend a sense of goodwill towards Christians and share the sense of accepting them as the individual and not representation of the whole religion.


2 responses to “Stereotypes about pagans

  1. THANK YOU!!! Someone finally got it right!!!

    P.S. Love the way you write.

  2. But I love hugging trees! 😛

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