Spells: Changing and transforming towards goals

Ever hear the phrase “Spells are just prayers with props?” This was a common saying when I first started with Wicca in my teens. It struck a chord in me, affirming what I already accepted as what I perceived as prayer.

Even as a Christian, I viewed song, dance, and the little actions you took to make someone else happy as forms of prayers to the Divine. That didn’t change when I became Wiccan. Over the years, I discovered drumming, cooking, and making love can also incorporate oneself to the Divine. (After all, ‘all acts of love and pleasure are my rituals’ as the Charge of the Goddess says.)

After starting with spells, I began to notice a heat from my palms, and a tingling in my hands every time I cast circle. I began to sense physical changes when chanting or praying.

My own philosophy concerning magic(k) (however you wish to spell it) incorporates more of a psychological approach. You’re changing something deep within you to change someone outside of yourself. A spell for a job provides the adding boost of confidence in the interview, or improves clarity so you notice the jobs available in your area. Spells open opportunities that you just haven’t noticed or had the inkling to appreciate before.

When I cast spells, I choose the ‘props’ carefully, to infuse with  my intention. A black candle, for instance, works nicely to burn away negativity, or dispel anger, doubt, or jealousy. Stones I might inscribe with my need for strength and grounding. I’ve even used bubbles for the element of Air to invoke vision and clarity. (Blow softly while visualizing your need into your breath as the bubble forms and release to the winds).

Props are just that; items for effect. I try to use items in its most basic form, but I’ll also go with more unorthodox things like marshmallows, sparklers, or clay. Just remember that these props do not have the power- you do.

The key factor to any spell is knowing not only what you want, but knowing about your self. It took me years to realize my biggest obstacle in my life was in fact me. I’m my biggest obstacle. I could blame a sad childhood, depression, or anyone else, but ultimately, I was the one who let my fears stand in my way.

A spell to build confidence might prove the better choice than a spell for a job. A spell to accept a situation, rather than change it, offers more peace in the long run.

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