Where do we go from the basics?

Once you learn the basics of how to cast a circle, run the gambit of a solar year through the holiday Sabbats, and understand the Rede, and other teachings…well, where do you go from there?

Plenty of books are out there for the pagan reader to discover a number of skills that are perceived as ‘pagan’ such as herbalism, divination techniques, drumming, or any interests that spark your fancy. As a spiritual path, however, where shall you set as a destination?

This is purely a challenge of the Self, one you will discover for yourself, so I can only offer a few suggestions which you can just as easily cast aside or disagree with- but here it goes;

Learn about other religions. I find as you progress through life, it helps to discover how everyone else copes with the day to day things. The major religions offer many similar teachings such as ‘treat others as you treat yourself’, and ‘don’t hurt others’. How these tenants are written out and deciphered varies, but you can still glean something from many spiritual resources.

I found Buddhism and Taoism offered insight, and even explained such beliefs of ‘harm none’ better than the Rede ever could. They offered philosophy in dealing with difficult people as well as day to day problems. Even revisiting Christianity, exploring the teachings of Christ, took on a deeper meaning than when I was a Christian.

Assess goals for yourself. Each person have different needs. For some, exploring how to find strength, take social action, or overcome adversary become the main issues to set as goals. Others might explore art, music, or crafts.

Try new methods of ritual and magick. If you’ve practiced a specific tradition, try another. See how others do things such as cast circle, invoke the gods, or even ground and centering techniques. I found joining various open circles offered so many lovely methods to celebrate and share with others.

Learn history. This is especially helpful if you follow a specific tradition such as Celtic or Asatru. Learn the history of the people and culture to gain insight into traditions and methods.

You might also find it helps to sit back and simply enjoy what you know already. Sometimes letting Life (or Goddess) to guide you takes you in some pretty cool directions.


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