Wednesday Witch: Starhawk

1276698801046_a9655 Today’s Wednesday witch is the writer, activist, and witch who wrote The Spiral Dance, Truth or Dare, and developed the Reclaiming Tradition.

I hold most respect for her efforts in pressing forward to make Wicca mainstream. Her non-violence activism worked hand in hand with women’s rights, the peace movement, and pagan rights through the years.

She writers articles for and On Faith, a Newsweek/Washingtonpost forum online.

When I first realized that Wicca was for me, I read The Spiral Dance, which empowered and spoke plainly on the issues of pagan religion and equality for women. She also wrote Truth or Dare, which touched upon extending beyond the basics of first-year Wicca.– link to the Reclaiming Tradition site– Starhawk’s Blog online – Earth Activist Training site


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