Finding a teacher

center-of-beingFor some reason, many budding Wiccans think you need a sage wise woman,, priestess, or some teacher like a Zen master to teach them the way of the witch.

So those wanting to find a teacher, I figure its best to offer some advice on the matter;

1.  Before you can find a good teacher, you need to be a good student. This means you need to be open to ideas, eager to ask questions, have a good idea as to what you want out of your spirituality, and understand there’s no easy way to learn this stuff. You also need to throw aside that ego of yours so you’re open to learning.

2. Don’t settle on a teacher because he or she is the only one around. Sometimes, you need to wait a bit before finding the right one, and jumping into a teacher/student thing too early can result in trouble. Not every priest/ess you meet are good at it, or you agree with their teaching.

3. Don’t be a follower. We’re not mindless sheep. Do not EVER give up yourself to another so completely. Wicca doesn’t demand this of you, and neither should any coven or teacher. A good teacher will encourage you to be independent and think for yourself.

4. Speak up. If you feel uncomfortable or don’t agree with something, SAY SO. I’ve met enough pagans who didn’t speak up then blamed their teachers for not allowing them to talk. Its your fault if you can’t confront your teacher, but do so with respect.

5. A good teacher will guide and teach you on matters of Wicca or whatever tradition they follow. A good teacher doesn’t use guilt, or try to cajole you into things. They don’t charge you money for learning (but its reasonable to pay for materials such as books, tools, etc). A good teacher listens to questions and concerns.

6. Listen to your heart. If it doesn’t feel right DON’T DO IT. Religion, ultimately, is the relationship between you and the Divine (however you define that Divine). No one else really matters. A good teacher will respect your not wanting to do it by explaining traditions and the reasons why its done. If you’re still uncomfortable, it might be time to leave.

I believe we all have the answers within us. You don’t really need a teacher. Read books, join open circles, make pagan friends, and let the Goddess guide you along your path. You’d be amazed at the lessons you’ll learn along the way


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