The Magic(k) in Cooking

I’m not a patient person, so trying to muster up a meal by following recipes and juggling the tasks required to complete a meal always struck me as work, not a pleasant pastime. So when my husband needed help in the kitchen, and cooking became more of a necessity, I found myself enjoying the magick of cooking.

I’m often reminded how much alchemy cooking can be. Mix this, add a pinch of that, and the ingredients meld into another form altogether. Taste and texture vary quite a bit depending on precise amounts of the ‘this and that’.

And imagine the emotion evoked with the simple act of eating. Its pleasurable, or horrible (depending on the cook). You can moan in sheer delight, or even gag.

When you consider, as pagans, we’re magickal beings, infusing our energy into everything we do, then cooking becomes more of a ritual of healing and spellcasting than chore.

The act of eating a meal also builds bonds between friends and family, unifying a group. This simple act of eating dinner as a family shown in many studies, to decrease drug use, depression, and opens communication amid family members.

Here are some tips to consider;

  • Stirring clockwise to bring about positive change, counterclockwise to remove negative energy. (this, by the way, doesn’t help if you’ve burned something).
  • Cook with love and caring, infusing such emotion into your meals.
  • One pagan practice includes Libation, whereby you leave a bit of food outside as an offering. Be sure to leave far enough away from the home to not attract critters (unless you want them)
  • You are what you eat, so avoid the junk and processed crap. Eat healthy to enjoy a fuller life.
  • Eat mindfully. This means to consider where your food comes from, appreciate the food you have (not everyone has as much), and slow down to just enjoy your meals. <—this is also a handy trick to help cut down on the amount of food you eat. Eating slowly lets you not only digest better, it lets you feel full sooner. You’ll eat less.
  • Explore new food dishes. Eating can be such an adventure. I find the exotic mix of foreign spices and ne dishes appealing. Try new spices, new grains, new things.
  • Make your own food from time to time. Believe me when I say; it tastes better! I’m not sure if its because this method lets you sample fresh food, or the fact you’ve made it from scratch. I’ve made homemade butter, bread, scones, and soup.
  • Change your relationship with food. I share this tip because so many people see food as a means of comfort rather survival. Although the act of eating can give you temporary feeling of feeing sated, it shouldn’t take the place of real happiness, or solve the issue lying deep within you.
  • You’ll find so many Goddesses and Gods of the Hearth. Honor them and ask for inspiration and guidance in your cooking.Hestia, a Greek goddess, and you’ll also find Annapurna, a Hindu goddess are two of many gods to look up.

You might’ve guessed I wrote this before breakfast. I’ll add more recipes and tips later this week.


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