The results of magick

You’d think when casting spells, you’d see a spark, a poof, or something significant to let you know if it worked. This happens in the movies, right? In the real world, however, generally very little is noticed at all- at first. Often, you’ll find the spell will work, but without the flash and change one might assume happens as invoking the Powers That Be.

For me, magick is 80% psychological; changing the inner world you carry inside you to change the outside. The spell to gain employment might invoke confidence or a stronger awareness to opportunities around you. A spell for love opens your heart to the possibilities, or provides a change in your own behavior to let the opposite sex know you’re available. Magick can be subtle. Not always. Sometimes it can be profound, such as a friend of mine banishing his job and getting fired the next day. (He wasn’t specific to a new job he wanted for himself), but generally, spells work in the background and sometimes over a length of time.

“Spells are prayers with props” goes the old pagan saying- okay, maybe not so old, but true nonetheless. When I was Christian, I would pray, and feel no one was listening. Even when I started with Wicca, casting the circle, lighting the candles, and speaking the prayers were simply actions. I wasn’t sure if anyone was listening then either.

Then I learned how we must listen to ourselves, to delve deep inside to understand why we want the things we ask for, and to consider the Ego, the ID (instincts), and Super Ego, but also the Divine within and how that works with the other three. Sometimes a spell won’t work because its not really in our best interest, or if it works, its not to what we think we expect.

I also found that when casting a spell, I’d experience a mental shift. It felt almost like a physical sensation as if something just went ‘click’ inside. Other times, as I’d sit in silence after casting a spell, I’d listen and be quiet and sometimes the Goddess would speak to me- well, I called her goddess, but I also understood Her to be ‘me’ as well. She would challenge me, advise me, or even chastise depending on the purpose of my Circle. Always to the best interest of myself.

I also found the palms of my hands would get incredibly hot or even tingle when raising power. So you can experience things that will tell you if the spell is ‘working’ or not. The results, on the other hand, will vary and you’ll need to expect that.

Some tips on casting spells:

  • Know what you want and why you want it. Consider your intentions and how your life will improve if the spell works. Does the spell hurt/harm others or yourself? If so, then don’t do it. Such magick creates more imbalance.
  • Think outside the box. You might want a spell for money for a trip, when its the trip itself you really want. You might want someone specific to love you, but its really only love you really want. Consider all angles of the situation.
  • Use whatever symbolism for your spell that speaks to you. This means you’ll need ‘props’ that will invoke your need. A crystal might represent clarity of thought, or you might use a glass of water. Either works, but its how you perceive the symbolism that counts the most.
  • After casting the spell, sit in silence for a moment, empty your thoughts, and ‘listen’. Sometimes you’ll get silence, but you may find a sense of presence, tingling, or even see visions, or even hear a voice.

I also suggest writing down what you’ve done for future reference. Some spells take months or even years to work. Sometimes you need to do the spell more than once. Keeping a record in your Book of Shadows allows you to keep record of what works and what doesn’t.


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