Starting a Book of Shadows

I perused the Web today looking for some ideas and information in regards to Book of Shadows, and discovered a number of advice videos on youtube on the subject.

CharmingPixieFlora 010 Book of Shadows

NeoPagan2007 Wiccan Tips: Book of Shadows

I think you should first consider the purpose of the Book of Shadows will be for you. Some witches find it becomes a recipes book for spells, potions, or even a resource for herbs. For others, its a journal to store all one’s thoughts and meditations. Some witches maintain a number of books for various purposes, while others still switch to new books as their needs progress through the years.

Blank book– This is great with already lined pages, and bound nicely in a tome for your purposes, but some witches find that mistakes require them to rip out the page to fix it, or they can’t shift information around to different sections. Some might find the lack of sections also disconcerting. You can add your own tabs, or use bookmarks to section pages as needed.

Blank Notebook- Any spiral bound notebook or composition book can be converted to a Book of Shadows with a little glue, some creativity, and some patience.

Decoupage Notebook.

Classy Decoupage Scrapbook Notebook.

Three-ring-binder- This is my preferred choice because of its flexibility to add not just pages but also pouches and folders. You can easily add and move sections, and you can choice binders that are relatively thin or pretty thick. Some binders let you add covers by printing them out and slipping under the plastic clear covers. Others are sturdy enough to hot-glue embellishments.

Binders also come in various sizes from half side to scrapbook size.

Make your own Book of Shadows– For the traditionalist, learning the art of book-binding not only provides the witch the personalization of cover, paper, and size/thickness, making it from scratch also add to the empowerment of the tome. Its undeniably your grimoire, filled with your energy and effort.

This can be as complicated or simple as you like, and methods vary. You can use chipboard for the cover and find with sewing needle and thread, or you can use glue.

Make your own journals

Another make your own journal tutorial

2 responses to “Starting a Book of Shadows

  1. CharmingPixieFlore rocks!!! I agree, but I didn’t make mine, it was made by hand for as a gift from a good friend of mine. BB x

    • Thanks for the comment. I checked out your blog which led me to your Youtube channel. OMG- Its going to take me FOREVER to get through your vids! lol
      To my readers: Check them out- I love her practical presentation and style of the videos (from what I’ve seen so far).

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