Pagan Parenting

I’m finding more and more pagan parents in the area that i live, which surprises me. Our area is pretty conservative. We have a church on every corner (and a bar across every street). So when I find so many parents who follow earth centered faiths, it makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside.

I’m pagan (Wiccan/Taoist/Buddhist) and my husband is Lutheran. My son doesn’t describe himself as Christian, although (like me) we respect the teachings of the Christ. He states “I don’t believe in God, but I do believe in Jesus, but mostly I just believe in Nature”.

He went to circles when I was a member of a coven, but rarely participated in ritual (his choice). He goes with me to the Unitarian Church, but only occasionally when he chooses to come with me. They teach tolerance in their religious education, and welcome pagans and even atheists. He mostly plays with the other kids, and enjoys the crafts they do in Sunday school.

Teaching my son spirituality tends to be another homeschool lessons, taught more objectively than pushing the issue as Truth. I tell him the stories from the Bible, as well as Buddhism, Shinto, or even the Native American beliefs (depending on where we are in History0. I want my son to decide for himself what fits best.

Other pagan parents have kids who readily participate in ritual and join in festivals. I know of parents who refuse to celebrate the Christian holidays, focusing on the pagan holidays instead. I know of others who have their kids in private, Christian schools.

I admire so many differences exist, and hope to instill the same respect in my son. For now, I’m proud to say, being tolerant of others comes naturally.


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