New Moon of August

New Moon today, so consider the beginnings in your life and fresh starts. I like to think of the New Moon as a method to reboot, to let go of the past and step forward into the future. To embrace a new beginning.

Goal setting is easy, right? You ask yourself what is it that you want and strive towards that goal. Sometimes, however, we realize halfway through or even later in life that the goal isn’t exactly what we wanted, let alone needed, and sometimes when it doesn’t come to pass, we ask ourselves why? Did something go wrong?

Sometimes our goals get hindered by various obstacles. This can take the shape of a person who stands in your way, or lack of money, or breaking a bad habit you’ve had for years. More often than not, however, our greatest obstacle can be found in the mirror; its us. Namely, our fears, insecurities, weaknesses, and other primal characteristics.

Take for instance my biting my fingernails. I’ve done this since I was a kid, so half the the time I’m not even aware I do that. I bite them when I’m nervous, fidgety, or if the nail snags or feels uncomfortable. I could cast a spell to ‘stop biting fingernails’, and hope the Powers-that-be hear my plea and just hand over the necessary willpower to accomplish the goal.

Not likely.

Our Higher Selves, or Higher Power, the Divine Within, knows better.

Its really not about my need to stop biting my nails, but to stop the cause of biting my nails; the fidgeting, the nervousness, and compulsiveness of nail snags. What I really need is to find calm.

So the other day, I realized this and now have nails long enough to scratch. The index fingers both are long enough to be considered ‘normal’. I can even click them when I tap my fingers (which I hear helps strengthen the nail). And they are thick too- no thin, pathetic fingernails here, no sirree.

So what changed?

I find now I file the nails regularly, and remind myself to keep them out of my mouth. I still fuss with them, but I’m a work-in-progress. I stop what I’m doing to say internally “Calm….calm….calm…” and wait for the moment to pass. It helps.

This is not to say I’ve succeeded. Long fingernails might’ve been the original goal, but more importantly the true goal is to find that calm center of my Self. I have fingernails now, but I don’t quite feel I’ve reached the necessary goal- not yet. I feel I’ll get there soon.

A simple release spell:

Gather a piece of string, a fireproof vessel (cauldron, pot, etc) and a candle.

Cast your circle

Hold the string in your hands and while invoking the Divine (whatever you call upon), ask for their guidance and protection.

Sit in stillness and allow your thoughts to wander to everything that holds you back. Let these float through your mind until they take shape and form, and name them. As you realize what holds you back (remember, its not things like lack of money but the lack of opportunity for money…things like that), then say them out loud and tie a knot

“I bind you (name the obstacle)”

Do this until you feel you’ve covered all your obstacles. As you tie the knot, imagine that obstacle now bound in the string.

As I bind this, as I burn this, I release my obstacles to the flame. Spirits of fire, change and renewal. Take them and transform them, change them into light” Wait until its burned away. “So Mote it Be”

Bury the ashes, or scatter them into a stream or river.


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