The color of magic


To consider what color magic is, you must first understand what color is. Color is energy (electromagnetic radiation). Each color is found at a different frequency or wavelength of the visible spectrum. The invisible spectrum includes microwaves, radio, and infrared light.

What we perceive as ‘light’ is actually the combination of all colors. When you have no light, you have black- the absence of color. However, when you see something that is black, its actually absorbing all colors, while something blue absorbs all color except for blue.

What most people understand as color magic is the effect a specific color has, and here is where I tend to be contentious. Not everyone can see color, while other people perceive more or less color. People are different. In fact, I find that some colors are downright aggravating, to me, yet invigorating or calming to someone else. Everyone’s different.

I remember telling a friend how much I dislike red. I don’t wear red, or buy anything in the red hue spectrum, except maybe for orange. He responded by telling me “That makes sense. You’re a high energy person. Red probably aggravates you because of that.” I’m not sure if that’s true or not, but it got me thinking on colors and its psychological effect on people.

Greens and browns provoke calm, something akin to ‘coziness’ in me, while red and yellow agitate. I also prefer darker hues rather than what’s considered ‘vibrant’.

So whenever using color in magic consider your own reaction. If a spell says use green for a money spell, and you feel more drawn to yellow or gold hues for your spells- GO WITH YOUR GUT! Red, for me, would hardly be useful for any love spells- (used for passionate, sexual love) I would need pink or something more subtle. The symbolism works best when you go with what feels right.

What is your favorite color and why? What colors bother you, and do you use color in your ritual and magic? Here are a few tips:

  • You can use different altar cloths for ritual or celebrating esbat/sabbats, changing the colors as you need.
  • Keep candles of varying colors on hand, or you can use while candles, and simply draw with marker designs in color.
  • Be mindful of your mood around color and use this to advantage. If pink makes you feel warm and fuzzy inside, by all means wear the color, or decorate accordingly.


2 responses to “The color of magic

  1. Thanks for posting this! I’m very much a “how does that feel” type of person. I read tarot intuitively, rather than following a book’s ideas; I choose colors based on the emotion they invoke; same goes for incense or other “scenty” things.

    I don’t think people give their intuition enough credit, really. They need to trust that “gut” reaction, rather than over-thinking some of this! Thanks again, and have a great weekend!

    • I totally agree. I think this is why its important to ‘know thyself’, to explore our many aspects of Self and why we do the things we do to better understand ourselves. Thanks for the comment

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