Halloween: The Celtic New Year

MC900436328 Halloween, known to pagans as Samhain, marks the end of the Celtic calendar. Its also the third harvest of the solar year, where whatever remaining crops are harvested, and herds culled before the winter months.

All the preparations for winter should be completed by October 31st, the goals you’ve set for the year reach their end.

I certainly find that using the Celtic year, rather than the Roman calendar (as we use now), makes more sense with setting goals. It leaves the hard work finished by autumn, and the winter can be a time of reflection and planning for the coming year. There’s the added plus of enjoying the holiday seasons without the pressure of goal-setting, such as dieting. (Which always ends up on my resolution list).

The goals I’ve set for this year were not what you’d call bountiful. I had a few unexpected successes such as I suddenly developed the willpower to stop biting my fingernails. I also earned some extra money with my blogs via Amazon’s Kindle site, and I’m better off now than I was a year ago.

I’ve learned that I must stop wallowing in depression, to take stock that many of my misfortunes are being created by me in the first place, and to forge ahead, despite the odds. I also found new friends along the way, and learned a valuable lesson of success is not just luck but being prepared for opportunities once they present themselves.

Not bad for just one year.

Here’s some tips:

Write down all your successes, not just the goals you’ve set. Even unplanned successes are well worth celebrating.

Don’t focus on the goals that didn’t come to fruition. Re-assess the effort you put in, and try again the next year.

Consider what obstacles stand in your way. What sort of ‘weeds’ choke out the good things you hope to grow in your life? These can take the form of people, jobs, or bad habits.

Ask yourself why you wanted the goal. Does it improve your life?

I hope everyone finds the positive in their Samhain night.


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