Halloween: Day of the Dead

New ImageAs previously posted, Samhain (Halloween) marks the end of the Celtic year and begins a new year. The day itself belongs neither to the past year or the new, and its believed the Veil between the worlds are thinnest at this time.

Its said ghosts and spirits walk amongst us.

Some traditions of this holiday include;

A Dumb Supper. Its not dumb as in stupid but being silent. You set the table and make the favorite foods of the dearly departed, and eat the meal in silence. This honors the spirit. For myself, and my talkative family, I think that would drive my ancestors insane.

Lighting candles for those who passed on. Each candle should represent the person and you speak their name, welcoming into your home (or circle). For those who do no have anyone who passed on, some people will honor symbolic deaths such as a divorce or end of a job. Some also remember pets or honor their ancestors.

This is also a good time to meditate and ask the spirits for guidance. Sit in stillness or use divining methods to receive answers to your questions.

I’ve also joined in rituals where you openly spoke about your loved ones who passed on. It was a great time remembering them fondly and keeping them alive by sharing stories of them.


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