Preparing for the winter

snowtractor We’re lucky as a society where, generally speaking, we don’t have to worry about gathering enough food and wood for the winter months. Nevertheless, I think its a good thing to consider the darkened months of the year, and prepare accordingly.

Winter, for me, is a time of enduring, and when depression tends to rear its ugly head. I recognize my limits and cope with what I can handle, and not overburden myself with a busy schedule or too often situations that I might need to cancel. In a sense, this is how I burrow. Its an emotional hibernation of sorts.

Preparing for me involves slowing down my pace, and retreating more into my cave. I’m just not as social so I don’t over-schedule myself. I set projects at the ready, such as crafts and writing plans. I make lists. I light candles. I make music playlists to listen to- anything to keep the depression at bay.

Yule arrives in three weeks, so I’ll be adding traditions, recipes, and other things through that time.


4 responses to “Preparing for the winter

  1. Winter for me too is my burrowing time. I’ve only recently began to realize what I call my emotional clock. Fall and Winter are my favorite season, but my most depressed ones. You give some really good ideas to deal. Music is always what I use to help level me out.

  2. i hope you get through this december without too much overburdening *hugs*

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