Solstice + Full Moon + Eclipse = Awesome!

eclipse Tonight we not only get to see the moon in her full splendor, but we also celebrate the Winter Solstice, honoring the birth of the sun, AND we get to see a lunar eclipse. Such a combination hasn’t happen in over 400 years.

What’s the significance? Well, being its a rare occurrence, I can’t find anything in the way of traditions or practices. Bear in mind, however, that the full moon represents the Goddess in her full power, while the solstice marks a time of rebirth and renewal, and the eclipse offers an unusual time for magical practices.

There’s no denying the impact the moon has on the planet. It controls the tides, and effects many phases of fertility for animals, including humans. Without artificial light, humans menstrual cycles match that of the moon- which comes from the Latin word “menses” for moon,  and also is the root for menstrual.

So how does an eclipse effect the earth and those that live on Her? Well, not much. Studies show that it doesn’t seem to effect the tides or weather, but the belief behind such events offer powerful changes.

We are, in essence, going to see a full lunar cycle in a single night. Being a lunar eclipse requires a full moon, you have full moon magick, but also a new moon because the shadow will pass over its face.

For myself, I will be working with removing obstacles that block my goals I’ve set for 2011. I’m also decorating some candles I will use during times I write if only to invoke my muse (fickle creature that she is!). I’ll post pictures tomorrow.

How will you celebrate?


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