Yule versus Christmas

Christmas-Card-ThemesSome pagan friends of mine do not celebrate Christmas in any way. There is no Santa, no opening presents, or Christmas cheer on December 25th. I found this odd, being they were both raised in Christian households, and nothing in the pagan religions states we must avoid holidays of other religions. We’re not inclusive.

I often felt Christmas was a holiday for all; a time of peace, love, and giving, regardless of your background. Personally, I’d celebrate any holiday that offered candy and presents. Celebrating the many things in Life is what makes Life grand.

I celebrate both Christmas and Yule. For me, its weeks of celebrating the lights, tastes, sounds, and being with friends and family. I don’t see anything wrong with recognize both holidays, or even Hanukah, except I’m not Jewish or know much about their practices. If I knew some, I would most certainly wish them a happy holiday season.

Although I respect other’s decisions for their family, I still find it most curious to consider one must chose one or the other. The more holidays, I think the merrier we’d all be.


2 responses to “Yule versus Christmas

  1. I feel the same way. When I celebrate Christmas,its not so much the Christan belief I am celebrating but the togetherness of my family. It’s always been more about that feeling of love for me.
    I dont care what anyone choses to celebrate, and I don’t limit myself because Love should be the basis for all holiday celebrations. And Love is something I can totally get behind.

    • thanks for the post, it enabled me to find your blog. 😉
      I perused your posts a bit and find your writing interesting and engaging. Keep at it.
      And hey, we’re both bats

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