Waiting for spring

irisartistPagans generally follow the seasonal calendar, recognizing the ‘dark months’ as a time for reflection and  planning. We’ve already had a number of lovely spring-like days, only to be thrown back into a cold, damp, and even wintry weather. The glass isn’t always half empty, however. Its possible such shifts in weather helps deter things like stink bugs or reminds us to prepare for the planting and growth.

This year, I hope to plant an herb garden; nothing fancy, but some cooking sage, mint, oregano, and a few others. I balk at the prices at the store. Five dollars for a tiny jar of Sage? Really? So I’ll try to grow my own.

I’ve never been a great gardener. Heck, I’m not even a good gardener. I have a ‘black thumb of death, generally speaking. The qualities for a successful grower of plants requires patience, of which I have little,but I’m going to try anyway, hoping maybe I can learn some patience along the way.

I also hope to have a butterfly garden. I’ve had one before and it was lovely having fresh cut flowers every day, with the various butterflies that came to visit. My son and I would sit on our patio, enjoying the birds and other life come and go from the yard.

Our backyard hosts a massive Concord grape arbor. In the fall, the air becomes thick with the scent of grapes. It reminds me of grape soda. Sometimes I’ve found critters up in the arbor such as birds, and the occasional opossum. We also have white irises, and this area closer to the house that offers the challenge of shade gardening. Maybe I’ll put a rock garden there- that can’t be too difficult, right? You don’t need to water rocks.

For Christmas last year, my husband bought me a fire pit. I can’t wait for roasting marshmallows, but also to sit by the fire to meditate or ponder Life’s meaning. It will sit nicely in a garden.

Any tips or advice to a beginner gardener?

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