Chaos and Order

shadowMy son is only eleven. Its a joke between us how when I play video games where there’s good and evil, I tend to go to the evil side. He leans towards the goody-two-shoes choices. Personally, I think its just more fun to be snarky and evil- in video games. Unfortunately, video games, stories, cartoons, etc don’t provide the general gray areas that real morals challenge us.

Of course killing someone is wrong, but what if its to protect yourself and your family? Its wrong to steal, but what if you’re starving? How far do you go to follow the law and of rules set in place?

Lying is wrong, but what if its to avoid a fight, or to save someone’s feelings from getting hurt? How far do we step over the line when we should be taking a good, hard look as to the reasons of why we have such morals in the first place. This, I think, is where integrity weighs against judgment.

Take religion out of the equation and some argue that a person couldn’t possibly be ‘good’. What’s to stop them from lying or killing someone? Its not in a person’s best interest to break the law or go down that slippery slope of social norms. Religion also doesn’t own the rights to morals anyway. Plenty of zealots will kill in the name of their god.

Our idea of good and evil is relative. I believe we must look within ourselves, at our own shadows and darkness, to better understand the chaos outside ourselves.

To me, the natural world doesn’t have good or evil as much as Order and Chaos. Each balancing the other out. When that balance gets tipped, we suffer. Too much Order and you get restrained. Too much Chaos, and anything can happen. Chaos, however, also touches up humor and play. Order offers security. Too much or too little often leads to unhappiness.

What are your thoughts?

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